Artist: The Street 
   Title: The Divine Debauchery
   Label: MusicBuyMail Records

Hailing from Salt Lake City Utah, The Street deliver full on hard rock with a style that is very much The Almighty mixed with a little Skid Row (Slave To The Grind era) and with their new opus 'The Devine Debauchery', the band have captured the essence that is The Street.

From the off it's good time rock n' roll of the highest calibre.  As things get underway with ‘Greetings From The Ghetto’, with the hard edged guitar sound of Randy Vaughn and Chris Miller only outranked by the immense vocal prowess of B. Arnold, who brings it all together with some mighty vocals full of rage and power.

The same high quality rock n' roll is continued with the bass ridden ‘Devils Dilemma’ before things slow down just a touch with the pounding tones of ‘Bitter’, with Arnold giving 110% on this one.  This song reminds me very much of the band Spread Eagle with perhaps a little Leatherwolf thrown in for good measure.

This album is definitely a grower and it has all the right elements for all fans of good 80's style hard rock and with the band supporting the likes of Britney Fox, Faster Pussycat, Warrant, LA Guns and Skid Row, these bands are clearly influencing the sound The Street are after.

'The Light of Day' is another great slice of Melodic Hard Rock that again takes me back to the good old days where Rock was Rock and there was nothing in between.  The band bring in that The Almighty sound with the hard hitting ‘Step It Up’, where the band do just that as they raise the bar once more with the rhythm section of Garry Navas and Rob Lambros on bass and drums respectively, bringing things to a boil with Vaughn and Miller shredding like their very lives depended on it, and with Arnold giving his most aggressive vocal so far, this one is a real meat and bones Hard Rock assault.

It's all guns blazing with ‘Nemisis’ and ‘Vendetta’s My Name’ before one of my favourites off the album ‘Shovel’, this little touch of funk o' Metal is straight out of 'Slave To The Grind' and then it's onward and forward with ‘One Man Battle’, a more mellower rocker but still has all the traits that have made The Street sound, with some quite superb vocals again from Arnold.

With nine tracks now unleashed you would think the band would just fill in the rest of the album with a bunch of B list songs, but fear not, they've just enlisted A list songs for this album as it continues with ‘Walls’ and the fast paced rocker ‘Head Of Be Dead’, before the album concludes with the mellow tones ‘A Voluntary Loss Of Innocence’, which rounds of a great good time Hard Rock album like they used to be and it's great to see some bands are keeping this sound alive instead of riding the trends of the one hit wonders that have been spewed out all to often these days.


1. Greetings From The Ghetto
2. Devil's Dilemma
3. Bitter
4. Light Of Day
5. Step It Up
6. Nemesis
7. Vendetta's My Name
8. Shovel
9. One Man Battle
10. Walls
11. Head Or Be Dead
12. A Voluntary Loss Of Innocence 


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