Artist: The Terraces 
   Title: The Terraces
   Label: Blast Records

The Terraces are a band from England who live in Melbourne, Australia and they are Punk Rockers!  This is their debut self-titled album, it is gutsy, ballsy, in fact real no frills punk rock as it should be.  Featuring Gary Buckley on lead vocals, who was previously in the band One Way System and is regarded as a true punk icon. 

The Terraces give 100% energy and deliver insanely catchy melodies.  From the first track 'The Internationals' you know you are in for a treat as it bounces along and is totally brilliant.  It reminds me of the great punk bands of the Seventies, in fact if I close my eyes, I could swear I am back in the age of Mohicans, chains and leather.  At the end of this enjoyable track you get some atmospheric football chanting, which leads into 'Care About Nothing', which must seem kind of odd to the Australians, as Buckley sings about the Northern lights of Lancashire and Soho in the rain Ö having said that, on '25 years' heís singing about the "Likely Lads" and playing football in the park.  All great fun.

Being honest the first time I played this CD, I didnít read the blurb properly.  I was thinking how can they be singing about the likely lads etc, but it all makes perfect sense now, and it's clicked who Gary Buckley was.  He and One Way System supported The Almighty!  

'Union' is a bit slower and was the first single released from the album and has the kind of infectious chorus that will stay with you for days.  'Short Back and Sides' is classy.  I love Buckleyís raspy vocals, in fact he reminded me of John Lydon on this track and itís one of the best tracks on the album.  Itís got a chanting chorus and is a definite crowd pleaser, with its thumping drums and guitar picking near the end, itís excellent. 

'Dundas Street' can only be fully appreciated at full belt and is more like it, for me personally, itís really heavy and full of spitting lyrics.  'What Can I Say', a  song about (we have all had them), a god awful bad day when you really should have just stayed in bed!  Love the spoken bits part way through the song.  It's edgy stuff.   'Letís Go' is proper old school punk, it's as fast as a leopard on amphetamines and races along at such a pace, you will need to catch your breath after just listening to it. 

Final track 'Victoria' is slow and full of hunger and sadness.  A great song to finish off a spectacular piece of work.  This band are going to be a must see when they reach where you live, look out for them, as I'm sure it will be a fun fuelled night of singing, dancing and bouncing.  Personally I can't wait.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. The Internationals
2. Care About Nothing
3. 25 Years
4. The Hustler
5. Union
6. Short Back And Sides
7. Dundas Street
8. What Can I Say
9. Lets Go
10. Victoria



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