Artist: The Trophy 
   Title: The Gift Of Life
   Label: Frontiers Records

The crossover between Power Metal and Melodic Rock might seem a little like jumping the grand canyon on a bike to some but Todd Wolf has strapped on his helmet and headed for the edge and instead of meeting his maker he's made the jump, and here is the proof the excellent new album ‘The Gift Of Life from his new band The Trophy.

Joined by the vocals of Michael Bormann, and the keyboard skills of Marco Grasshof, Wolf takes the Melodic Rock mantle by the horns and puts his own stamp on the genre.

The album opens up in style with ‘The Gift Of Life’ and straight away there’s a certain element of class about the album, as Bormann’s vocals open things up in unceremonious style, but things soon get going and the mix of Hard Rock and Metal are united in one mighty rush and the doubt of Wolf’s ability to conquer the Melodic Rock world are pushed aside, as this album speaks for itself more than mere words can describe.

The album continues along its Melodic Path with the tremendous tones of ‘When Nightmares Wake Me Up’.  A more sedate track than the opening barrage with the vocals of Bormann showing their class throughout as he really brings out the best in Wolf’s vision on this one.

The album continues its very impressive path with ‘Get The Cup’.  Once again Bormann’s vocals are just superb on this song which is a triumph for Wolfs musicianship, as he show what a real talent he has for this genre.

Wolf shows he still can really spit out a riff or two as the massive ‘Justice’ shows.  This one is a real touch of class and is one of my favourites on an album that has had numerous plays since it first arrived at the office.

With Bormann at the helm this album always had a chance of being a cracker and it certainly fits the criteria to be one of my favourite albums of the year.  It has a splendour and grace that the whole Melodic genre should embrace when it's on general release. With some great tracks like ‘Rescue Me’ with its catchy chorus, ‘The Shades Of Grey’ is another one of my favourites again it’s the rockier stuff that really does it for me ‘Cant Get You Out Of My Head' being one of those.  It’s a little heavier than most of the tracks on the album but is still is a corker with Wolf and Bormann on the same wave-length and together they are a powerful combination.

If I had to put one track ahead of the rest on this album then I would have to pick ‘Liar’.  The chorus line on this is just excellent and the guitar work of Wolf is just mind-blowingly good, the lyrics are both strong and speak volumes about today’s life choices.

The heavier refrain is again felt on ‘The Way’ a touch of Melodic Metal this one, before the album closes with the riff laden majesty of ‘Only These Wings’ which rounds off a great album.  An album that hopefully won't be the last from The Trophy and when Bormann comes to the UK later in the year as part of the Rockfest Festival, hopefully a few of these songs may get an airing live.


1.The Gift Of Life 
2. When The Nightmares Wake Me Up
3 Get The Cup
5.Rescue Me
6. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
7.The Shades Of Grey
8. Gloomy Days
9. Liar
10.The Way
11. On These Wings 



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