Artist: Third Eye 
   Title: Recipe For Disaster
   Label: Escape Music

It all began back in 2001 when the quartet of Martin Damguard, Andreas Schumann, Thomas Kuhlmann and Rasmus Kostending started a band at school.  As with all young bands they were finding their feet and trying out different styles of metal when their teacher Michael Bodin asked if the guys would like to try some tunes he had written and almost immediately the chemistry was there and Third Eye was born.

Things were progressing great guns but the band still needed to fill the vocalist spot.  The band thought they found the perfect candidate in Casper Grieff but this was only a short alliance as in 2007 Greiff left the band.  With the band on the verge of completing the bands first full length album things weren’t looking good.  After six months luck would have it that Michael ran into Per Johansson and the seeds were once again sown.

But again the band were plagued with set backs putting the album back nearly 12 months, following that keyboardist Kostending left the band and once again it looked like the album would be have to be put on hold once more, but luckily Finn Zierler (Beyond Twilight) stepped in to help with the keyboards on the album.

So the title 'Recipe For Disaster' might seem a bit apt, but was it worth the wait?  Well to be quite honest yes, it may have taken a few spins to fully get into, but this album is a really great metal album.

The album gets underway with ‘Solitary Confinement’, a real gritty opening salvo from the guitars of Kuhlmann but it’s the tremendous metal vocals of Johansson that give the metal giants like Rob Halford and Ralf Schweepers a run for their money.

The chunky riffs and thunderous rhythms of the ‘Recipe For Disaster’ are up next, with Johansson again unleashing a tidal wave of power enthused vocals once more.  This is a heavier piece than the opener and shows the band are stuck on one style of metal and are willing to take a chance or two on the album.

There is a dark vein running through the album at times like the massive ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Eye of Insanity’, but there are also some more sublime metal moments like the melodic tones of Six Feet Under’ and the almost sedate ‘Darkness Into Dawn’, where Johansson brings in both the light and dark side of his vocal might.

The metal comes thick and fast like a AK47 on overkill with ‘Snake In The Grass’ then ‘The Sacred and the Profane’, a track that has a Prog Metal feel but doesn’t feel apart from what has gone before.  The album closer ‘The Psychiatrist’ which starts off with a narrative intro and builds from here into a real classy metal masterpiece that rounds off a great album.  Let's hope others think the same, because after all the trials and tribulations the band have gone through in their short lifetime, they deserve a shot at the big time.


1. Solitary Confinement
2. Recipe For Disaster
3. Dark Angel
4. Six Feet Under
5. Eye Of Envy
6. Psychological Breakthrough
7. Darkness Into Dawn
8. Snake In The Grass
9. The Sacred And The Profane
10. The Psychiatrist 




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