Artist: Throcut 
   Title: Hunted

he three tracks on this demo CD show Throcult, from Denver, Colorado, to be a quality black metal band. The production standards are high for a self-released CD, and I'll be playing this one again. I like it!

They are a little reminiscent of English black metal, particularly on the first track, "Kill or be Killed", which is very atmospheric, with contrasting shadings, moving towards the more theatrical end of the genre.

The second track, "Hunted", is nearer to death metal, overall heavier and more relentlessly aggressive. Finally track three, "Eclipse of the Blood Moon", returns to the slightly melodic black metal style of the first track, though this track is the least successful of the three, I think.

A band to watch, however, once they get themselves signed.


1. Kill or be Killed
2. Hunted
3. Eclipse of the Blood Moon






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