Artist: Thulium
   Title: 69
   Label: Independent Release

We don’t do many EP’s on the site, but a few have made the pages on our review sections on pure merit and another to join the list is '69' by Thulium, a multi national band with members hailing from France, Hungary, Canada and UK.

The band is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Boubou, who along with Vik on Lead Guitar, Chris on Bass and Rob on Drums, deliver a punchy rock style but the band aren’t an all guns blazing quartet as this EP shows.

Thing get underway with ‘Runnin’ a real top notch rock extravaganza this is straight up rock n roll, think The Almighty meets The Foo Fighters with swagger and who wont be far off what this band sound like.

Next up its ‘Craving’ again a up tempo rocker with tuned out guitar licks and big time rhythm sections, all coated with Boubou’s excellent vocals.  I said this band have more to them than just all out rockers and this is brought to the forefront with ‘90 Days Of Sorrow’, a great almost ballad like track, again Boubou’s vocals are the main foundation for this one as he duets with the piano and acoustic guitars before the sublime guitar solo mid track elevates the song to even greater heights.

This is a great EP that shows in just three songs the depth of talent Thulium have behind them, I can't wait for a full album from these guys, on the evidence of just three songs they have that certain something that wants you hear more and there aren’t many bands that can do that in just a few songs. Great stuff!


1. Runnin
2. Craving
3. 90 Days Of Sorrow




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