Artist: Thyrfing  
   Title: Farsotstider
   Label: Regain Records

Farsotstider (Times Of Plague) is the fifth full album to be released by Swedish Viking metallers Thynfing, and the first release for the bands new label Regain Records.

The first thing I have to say about the album is the fact that the entire albums vocals are sung in Swedish and as this is not my first language or even my second, I have to say bravo to the band for sticking to their guns and going full out on this release and keeping to their native tongue speaks volumes for their integrity.

The Swedish lyrics fit in with the bands music so well, the whole album has a certain air of confidence about it.

From the onset the band lays down intensions and sticks to them throughout the entire album.

Opening up with the intense 'Far At Helvete', although the isnít filled with full on speed metal tracks, no not at all. Mixed in with the full on metal tracks are a number of surprises, one being the second track 'Jag Spar Fordarv', which starts off on the dark side but as the track continues the introduction of almost symphonic metal keyboards and semi acoustic guitars make this an interesting track to listen too.

The title track 'Farsotstider' has an almost power metal feel to it with its double bass drum and choral backing vocal and is the highlight of the album for me.

The next track 'Host' is almost folk metal, with a powerful string section backing up the powerful guitar riffs, and the vocals of Thomas Vaananen are most emotional on the entire album.

The entire album is wonderfully put together and the Swedish vocals are something that makes the album that little bit different from the rest. All in all a very powerful message from a band that are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, so they must be doing something right.  


   1. Far At Helvete
   2. Jag Spar Fordarv
   3. Farsotstider
   4. Host
   5. Sjalavrak
   6. Elddagjamning
   7. Balderbalet
   8. Tiden Laker Intet


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