Artist: Tishamingo 
   Title: Wear N' Tear
   Label: Mascot Records

Hailed as the leaders in the new wave of Southern Rock Tishamingo have put together a album full of southern rock, bluesy easy listening tunes that make you want to grab that bottle of bourbon and sit on the front porch put the album on and watch the world go by.

This type of southern rock isn’t usually my cup of tea but after a hard night in front of a computer screen with my headphones on listening to anything from Death Metal to Glam to Power Metal to Doom Metal its nice just to unwind a little and sit back and just fade away on a cloud of gentle guitars and mellow vocals.

And with Tishamingo this is the sort of album the Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot would be producing now, songs about the south and whiskey drinking all the hallmarks of a good Southern Rock release.

The inclusion of Skynyrd's 'Poison Whiskey' is great to hear and if you like nothing that to sit back relax and let the guitars wash over you like a silk blanket the you wouldn’t go far wrong in checking out this latest release from Florida's Tishamingo.


1. Wastin' Time
2. Hillbilly Wine
3. Poison Whiskey
4. Magic
5. Rome
6. Billy
7. Smoked Mullet
8. Willin' To Die
9. Legend Of George Nelson
10. Worn Out Soles
11. Ain't Got Time
12. Reprise


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