Artist:  TNA
   Title: TNA
   Label: Eonian Records 

Keeping up their reputation to bring some of the lost and forgotten classic rock albums Eonian Records have again unearthed a gem in Memphis’s self-titled debut release. This is dirty rock n roll at it best sleazy riffs old school attitude, bassist Michael Gumm put it so eloquently “So tight you couldn’t drive a toothpick up your ass with a twenty pound sledgehammer’.

Strong sentiments indeed but when you hear the likes of opener ‘All Nite Long’ and ‘Bump & Grind’ you can't but help agree with him, this was Memphis showing L.A. how it was done down South.

The sleaze comes think and fast with the anthemic ‘Dirty Love’ that just has that Skid Row meets Cinderella feel about it, before bringing it down with the excellent ‘Don’t Fade Away’.  At the time this would have had been labelled with the power-ballad moniker.

The band mix heavy blues with good honest hard rock on the excellent ‘Don’t Look Back’, before bringing the tempo up with the raucous rocker ‘Hard Way’.  Next it's time for another slice of the blues with the very Cinderella vibed ‘I’m Already Gone’, before one of the highlights of the album the melodic ‘It’s Over’ .

The album keeps delivering great rock n' roll tunes all the way as it continues with another hard edged rocker in ‘Just Another Day’.  This one is very much in the Guns N' Roses style of things, the first GNR album that is.  The band bring a little groove to the table with ‘It Don’t Come Easy’, before really taking things to the next level with the early Aerosmithesque ‘Take A Walk’.

The album closes in fine style with another full on rocker in ‘You Cried Wolf’, which caps off an album that really takes me back to those times in my youth, where big hair and shoulder pads, make up and spandex were the order of the day ... and that was just the guys!  So if you like your rock sleazy and dirty, with and ounce or two of blues and groove, then relive those Sunset Strip days and catch up with TNA and get some guilty pleasure rock n' roll style.


1. All Night Long
2. Bump & Grind
3. Dirty Love
4. Don't Fade Away
5. Don't Look Back
6. Hard Way
7. I'm Already
8. It's Over
9. Just Another Day
10. It Don't Come Easy
11. Take A Walk 



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