Artist: TNT
   Title: My Religion
   Label: MTM Music

Another anticipated return album this time from Tony Harnell and co. ‘My Religion’ is the latest release after testing the water earlier last year with the ‘Give Me A Sign’ EP. The initial reaction was good after the rather poor efforts on ‘Firefly’ and ‘Transistor’. The EP was getting favourable reviews from the melodic rock crowd and now the emergence of ‘My Religion’ has once again put the band back in the limelight with a rather impressive return to form.

The album itself has all the trademarks of a classic melodic rock album with great guitars from Ronni le Tekro. Tony Harnell’s vocals still sound fresh and feed off the guitars so well. The opener ‘Invisible Noise’ kicks off the album with a funky riff than leads the way for Harnell to do his stuff and when the chorus hits you know that TNT mean business with this album.

‘She Needs Me’ has more excellent guitar work from Tekro that keeps on throughout the entire album. ‘Lonely Nights’ once again is another guitar-fuelled track that will propel you back to the bands early albums. The title track ‘My Religion’ has a heavier feel to it but still retains that TNT feel with the vocals taking prominence on the track as Harnell gives it his all.

If you haven’t got a copy of the ‘Give Me A Sign’ EP then I suggest you get a copy of the album with the bonus tracks on it as it contains four tracks off said EP, these being ‘Give Me A Sign’, ‘Live Today’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Hey Love’.

Back to the album, ‘Perfectly’ is a mellower track that sits nicely in between the rockier tracks on the album like ‘You'll Be There’ and ‘Everybody's Got A Secret’.

‘Everything U R’ just rolls along without effort and is one of the many favourites on an album that just gets better each time you here it and is an extraordinarily return form, great stuff.


   1. Invisible Noise
   2. She Needs Me
   3. Lonely Nights
   4. My Religion
   5. Give Me A Sign
   6. Perfectly
   7. You’ll Be There
   8. Flow
   9. Live Today
 10. Everybody’s Got A Secret
 11. Everything U R
 12. Song 4 Dianne
 13. The Last Word

  Bonus Tracks:

 14. Introduction by Tony Harnell
 15. Satellite
 16. Introduction by Ronni Le Tekro
 17. Hey Love


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