Artist: TNT
   Title: A farewell To Arms
   Label: Metal Heaven

It was back in 2007 when Tony Mills took over the vacant mike at TNT and we saw a new chapter in the TNT story come to life with the album 'The New Territory’, then their 'Atlantis' opus saw the light of day.  In between albums the band were forever on the road in their native Norway, seldom venturing out of the Scandinavian peninsula, much to the frustration of their army of fans outside Norway, but that’s another story.  It's now 2011 and I have the pleasure to hear the bands stunning new release ‘Farewell To Arms’, an album that hasn’t seen an easy road to its release, with frontman Mill’s suffering a heart attack in Olso’s Airport, but thankfully the fast actions of the airport staff saved his life.

So on to the album itself.  Well what can I say, this is the album we all knew Mills and Le Tekro had up their sleeves.  Oh yes I loved the two previous albums for what they were, but they were lost on some fans on the genre who couldn’t see out of the Melodic Rock box.

With 'A Farewell To Arms' we see the band come out of the traps with all guns blazing as the album gets underway with the grinding rocker ‘Engine’.  A ballsy no holds barred Hard Rock track that will blow away all doubts that the band have lost their edginess, with Mills on fire as always, but it's Le Tekro’s guitar work that really gets the juices flowing with some of the biggest riffs you’ve ever heard on a TNT album and this is just the beginning, as things just get better and better as each track unfolds.

The album continues with ‘Refugee’, again Mills is just stunning vocally and Le Tekro just throws out the big licks as only he can.  There is no rest bite as the big tunes just keep on coming, with the stunning ‘Ship In The Night’ and the excellent up tempo rocker ‘Take It Like A Man – Woman’.  A real barnstormer of a track that will just blow you away with its fiery licks and vocals, but it’s the backbone rhythm section of Diesel Dahl and Victor Borge that really beef up the track.

The hard edged sound continues with the massive ‘Come’ and equally groove ridden ‘Barracuda’, two tracks that will awaken the rock god in all of you, as you’ll find yourself dusting off the air guitar and grabbing the hairbrush microphone and rocking out like the you used to many moons ago.

After the all out rock onslaught of the first six tracks it's time to get your breath back with the instrumental ‘A Signature On A Demons Self-Portrait’.  This is a short reprise as it's back on the Melodic Rock trail with ‘Don’t Understand Me’, before turning up the heat once more wit the title track ‘A Farewell To Arms’ .

The tempo is brought down a touch with ‘Someone Else’ before bringing it right down with the stunning ballad ‘God Natt, Marie’.  But what album today wouldn’t be complete without the now obligatory bonus track and this album has a corker with a live version of ‘Harley Davidson’, which rounds off what is without a doubt the best and most accessible TNT album to date, and that includes the early years, let's hope we see the band venture out of Norway in 2011, even if its just a handful of shows splattered about Europe, because I know the fans would come out in there droves to see them. 


1. Engine
2. Refugee
3. Ship In The Night
4. Take It Like a Man
5. Come
6. Barracuda
7. A Signature On A Demon's Self-Portrait
8. Don't Misunderstand Me
9. A Farewell To Arms
10. Someone Else
11. God Natt, Marie
12. Harley-Davison (Live)



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