Artist: TNT 
   Title: Atlantis
   Label: Metal Heaven

Well with the entire hullabaloo that followed the bands 'New Territory' release what would the band come up with on their new album 'Atlantis'?  Would it sink to a watery grave or would it create a Tsunami of a tidal wave among the fans.

Well actually this one will flow a lot better if you take it for what it is, a good honest rock album, and with Ronni Le Tekro at the helm a little experimentation was bound to be on the books, for anyone who has a copy of the mans solo album 'Kingdom Of Norway' will know exactly what I mean.

With Tony Mills on the mike you're always sure of a fine vocal performance no matter what material is put before him, and with Victor Borge on bass and Diesel Dahl on drums the quartet is complete.

The album get's underway in fine style with ‘Hello Hello’, a gentle Melodic Rocker that once again shows the versatile vocals of Mills along with Le Tekro’s distinctive guitar style.

Next up is the quirky tones of ‘Peter Sellers Blues’, a homage to the comic genius and his manhood (Tony said so not me!), then the tempo picks up in true TNT style with ‘Baby’s Got Rhythm’.  Again it’s the combination of Mill’s vocals and Le Tekro’s guitar playing that gives this that little bit extra.  It may sound a little seventies rock in places but that’s what the band have always had, that little mix of era’s lightly sprinkled in here and there. It's only in the past few albums that this has actually taken the front row seats.

The album continues its mixed path with ‘Tango Girl’, a little Latin rock change over that will to be honest takes a little getting used to, but after a number of spins it becomes quite an endearing track with Le Tekro’s soaring riffs taking you beyond any initial doubts you may have about the track.

One track that really shows what a truly wonderful vocalist Mills is, is the magnificent ballad ‘Me And Dad’, which will tug at the heartstrings of many a tough macho father and son combo, it's simply gorgeous from start to finish. Again you just have to admire the sheer talent that is Le Tekro’s guitars throughout the entire piece as he makes the guitar sing like no other guitarist around today.  The man is just a genius.  The song takes you on a real musical journey and is not too distant from some of the War Of The World songs in it's core nature.

The title track ‘Atlantis’ is next up and after the seminal ballad of ‘Me And Dad’ it's time to pick it up a little.  This one's a great little rocker with Mill’s the highlight of the track without a doubt, as he brings all his vocal might to this song both in the top and bottom end of the song.

It's back to the experimental side of things with ‘The Taste Of Honey’, a song that definitely has that late sixties early seventies feel, both era's that are held in great affection by both Le Tekro and Mills, so it's obvious that some of the bands songs should reflect those influences as they did on ‘New Territory’.  I think Le Tekro wanted to achieve that same vibe for this album and has succeeded.

But one of the tracks of the album for me is ‘Bottle Of Wine’, a track that has that feel good summer sun feel about it. You could have the top down and have this one on full blast on the way to a summer picnic with friends, a great track to wash away those winter blues.

The band aren’t entirely stuck in the sixties and seventies though as the next song brings you bang up to date, the excellent ‘The Missing Kind’.  A great mix of melodic vocals and humble gentle guitars, this one is right out of the 'Intuition' album for me as does ‘Love Of My Life’ the next track, which again has all the hallmarks of a great TNT track.

The album closes with another of my personal favourites ‘Had It, Lost It, Found It’, again the stars of the track have to be Le Tekro’s guitars and Mills superb vocals, the only other thing I'd say about this track is that it desperately needs a proper ending, as is worthy of the track.

All in all this is another album by the band that will see two sides of the argument, for and against it, but for me this album is without a doubt grower as to be honest when I first heard this album I thought it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea.  However I was willing to give it a chance to grow on me and with our Editor-in-Chief playing it constantly everywhere we go, it was hard for me not to let this one grow on me, but in the end she was right, this is a very good album.



Hello, Hello
Peter Seller Blues
Baby's Got Rhythm
Tango Girl
Me And Dad
The Taste Of Honey
Bottle Of Wine
The Missing Kind
10. Love Of My Life
11. Had It, Lost It, Found It


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