Artist: Tomorrow's Eve 
   Title: Mirror Of Creation 2 - Genesis II
   Label: Lion Music

Following on from the bands 2003 release 'Mirror Of Creation', Tomorrow's Eve return with the next chapter 'Mirror of Creation 2 – Genesis II'.  The album continues where 'Mirrors of Creation' left off, with the band still retaining that strong progressive feel both lyrically and musically, with a new vocalist at the mike in the form of Martin LeMar, and a new rhythm section with Tom Diener on drums and Chris Doerr on bass, the band plan to build on the success of 'Mirror Of Creation' and in turn start a new chapter in Tomorrows Eve’s story.

The album follows the story of a man who wakes up in an alley with amnesia and after no one seems to miss him, one of the doctors looking after him takes him in and she tries to help him recall who he is.  But then what unfolds is a story of a man who was part of an experiment and one he brought to a bloody end by his own hand.  The twist in the tail is that the doctor who has by this time fallen for the stranger, may actually have had something to do with the experiment.

The album opens up with the intro ‘Man Without A Name’ which leads into the complexities of the album.  Firstly with ‘Amnesia’, a track of epic proportions which starts off with a thumping bass line which leads into crescendo of bass, drums, and keys that paves the way for the intense vocals of LeMar and the rich guitars of Grund.

The album opens up with the power injection that is ‘Pain’, a storming track full of vigour and tenaciousness that it simply defies words, a truly awesome track.

The next track ‘The Eve Suite’ is an epic in all aspects of the word, this nine minute ensemble is broken down into four acts, with each one unveiling another part of the mans story as he loses faith in man, but as all seems lost Eve the doctor shows him in fact all is not lost.  The track itself is as complex as they come with varying melody and tempo changes from the haunting narrative moments to the more heavy bass ridden sections and the twisting guitars solos, this track has it all.

After the intensity of 'The Eve Suite' things take a definite Eastern vibe with ‘The Market Of Umbra’.  Joining LeMar on vocals are the haunting vocal melodies of Jenny Klos who brings another dimension to the track, as do the soul searching guitars riff of Grund, and the mid section keyboard/guitar duet in particular is simply outstanding.

Klos also provides some vocals on the next song ‘Not From This World’, this time she duets with LeMar on what is one of my favourite tracks off the album, not only because of the harmonic duets between Klos and LeMar, but also because of some fantastic keyboard sections and some quite flawless guitars, this is backed as ever by the powerhouse rhythm section.

The shortest track on the album at only 59 seconds long is ‘Eye For An Eye’ which acts as a short interlude to allow the album to build its fervour for the progressive and almost pretentious ‘Irreversible’.  Another slow builder that gives way to the outstanding power driven ‘Distant Murmurs’, yet another fine example of the band mixing the heavy bass with the melodic vocals to great effect, while still managing to keep that menacing feel to the track.

The album and story continues with ‘Rebirth’, another monster of a track with once again that mix of heavy and gentle moments and those passion filled vocals of LeMar the catalyst to it all.

As each track unfolds another chapter in the story is told.  The mood builds with the passion and dynamism of the album in the form of ‘Human Device’, which almost reaches grandiose heights before things come to a head with a track that defies the word epic at seventeen minutes long. 

The closing song ‘The Trials Of Man’ brings the whole album to a head and tells of reason behind the experiments and how one man holds the future of the world in his hands.  This is progressive metal at its finest and I defy anyone who hears this album to say otherwise.  This will surely be the bands ‘Operation Mindcrime’ and will bring Tomorrow's Eve to the forefront of the progressive metal scene for many years to come.  This is a new Genesis for the genre and for the progressive metal bands of the future to follow.


1. Man Without A Name
2. Amnesia
3. Pain
4. The Eve Suite
    l) The Eve Suite
    ll) A Gentle Light
    lll) Days Turn Into Works
    lV) Eve
5. The Market Of Umbra
6. Not From This World
7. Eye For An Eye 
8. Irreversible
9. Distant Murmurs
10. Rebirth
11. Human Device
12. The Trials Of Man


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