Artist: Tomorrow's Eve 
   Title: The Tower
   Label: Lion Music

Following the worldwide success of their 'Mirror Of Creation II – Genesis', the band return with a taster of what is to come and what has gone by, when they enter the studio later this year to record their new album.

The four tracks on this mini album show how the bands sound has progressed over the year from their debut ‘The Unexpected World’ through to 'Mirror of Creation' and 'Mirror of Creation II' and will continue I’m sure with the new album when released.

So this little teaser gets underway with the title track ‘The Tower’ and instantly your drawn into the dark progressive metal world of that is Tomorrows Eve.  The track is pure class, starting off with a narrative then in comes the heavy drum beat as the track builds into a molten mass of keys, drums, bass and soaring guitars all wrapped around the fantastic vocals of LeMar.

The splendour continues with ‘Remember’, another slow builder this time with the keyboards getting things started and LeMar giving us his full range on this one from the mellow beginning to the monstrous chorus this track has it all vocally, and musically it also shines as well as the keyboards the drums of Diener are also a prominent feature of the track as are the fantastic guitars of Rainer Grund.  If these two tracks are an example of what is to come with the new album, then I for one can't wait.

The remaining two tracks are re-workings of earlier material firstly with ‘Success’ a track that first appeared on their album 'The Unexpected World' and is brought bang up to date and sounds even better now.  The same can be said about the revamped version of ‘Not From This World’, originally from the 'Mirror Of Creation II' album and as the previous track shows how the bands sound has developed over the years, especially since LeMar joined the band in 2004 and long may it continue.  I can't wait to hear the new album when it's released.



1. The Tower
2. Remember
3. Success 2007
4. Not From This World 2007






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