Artist: Torch Bearer
   Title: Warnaments
   Label: Regain Records

'Warnaments' is the second releases from Swedish thrash metallers Torch Bearer.  For a thrash band to delve into the world of concept albums is perhaps not that unique, although they are generally few and far between, but for a band to release two such album consecutively certainly a lot rarer.

Unlike the bands debut release 'Yersinia Pestis', which concentrated on the black plaques sweeping effect over medieval Europe, this album concentrates (apart from two tracks which are about a German submarine that was sunk in British waters in 1915) on the battle of Jutland, the naval battle between British and German forces in WW1.

The album opens up at a monstrous pace with ‘Dark Clouds Gathering’, a track that sets the wheels in motion for the onslaught of furious guitar shredding by Christian Alvestam and Patrick Gardberg, together with some ferocious vocals from Par Johansson ... and so the scene is set.

I’m not usually a fan of growling vocals but with this release they take a backseat as you concentrate on the whole musical concept behind the album, plus some of the fastest riffs I’ve heard this year!

The album powers through with tracks like ‘Last Line Of Defence’ and ‘Swift Turns of War’ rampaging along, to the almost sublime ‘Burial Waters, Deepsome Graves’ and the orchestral soundings of ‘The Stale Drownings’.

Fans of thrash will love this album and if you’re a fan of the concept piece then give this a listen.  Even if you not a total mosh-head you’ll find the musicianship on this album second to none.



1. Dark Clouds Gathering
2. Last Line of Defence
3. Burial Waters, Deepsome Graves
4. Swift Turns of War
5. The Stale Drownings
6. Battlespawn
7. Where Night is Total
8. Sealer of Fates
9. The Blunted Weapon


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