Artist: Toto  
   Title: Bottom Of Your Soul
   Label: Frontiers Records

Toto have always been one of the stalwarts of the whole Melodic Rock, AOR scene for over the past 30 years with such legendary tracks as ‘Hold The Line’, ‘Africa’ and ‘Rosanna’ amongst their back catalogue.  However, the band's latest release ‘Falling In Between’ shows that the band are far more than just a power ballad band and proves they certainly can rock out with the best of them.  To celebrate the both the band's return to form and their overwhelming success with the new album, they've released this maxi single as the first single from the new album ‘Bottom Of Your Soul’.

The Cd is credited with not only one version of ‘Bottom Of Your Soul’ but three.  Firstly the radio edited version, then a live version that comes at the end of a three song medley of the classic’s including 'Africa', 'Rosanna' and of course 'Bottom Of Your Soul', all of which were performed for German ZDF television, and finally the full length album version of the track which is my favourite version.

The Cd also includes a live version of ‘Gypsy Train’, a track recorded at the Gampel Festival in Switzerland back in 2004.

But it's 'Bottom of Your Soul' that truly shows the band have return to form.  A track that features not only Steve Lukather on vocals, but also former vocalist Joseph Williams, which makes this a very special song both for the band and fans of the band.  This alone makes this a must buy a Toto collection would seem incomplete with out this release. 



1. Bottom of your Soul
2. Gypsy Train
3. Africa/Rosanna/Bottom of your Soul
4. Bottom of your Soul





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