Artist: Tragedian 
   Title: Dreamscape
   Label: MusicBuyMail Records

Tragedian is the brainchild of guitarist/bassist Gabriele Palermo, who along with vocalist Timo Behrens, the tub thumper Lennart Medebach and keyboard wiz Ingo Salzmann, have put together an album that will appeal the metal fans across the board.  From the die hard metal-heads to the progressively inclined, to the more Power Metal, this is quite a diverse and unique album that isn’t about reinventing genres but uniting them in the name of Metal.

The album gets underway with the more traditional old school Heavy Metal feel of ‘Tartarus’, a huge guitar filled monster that simple explodes from the off with Palermo unleashing some quite fantastic riffs whilst the towering vocal might of Behrens is simply awesome.

I said at the start this album will unite genres as the more Power Metal side of the album is felt with ‘Eternal Flight’ and 'Turn Back Time’, these songs reign right up there with Axxis and Hammerfall and their like.

It's back to the more modern speed enthused vibe with the double kick extravaganza that is ‘Immortality’, with the additional soaring keyboards that is very Power Quest like.

The title track ‘Dreamscape’ is again an all guns blazing riff extravaganza that takes the listener along the Power Metal path, once more with Palermo burning up the fret board once again, with Behrens coming across as a mix between Geoff Tate and Andy Deris on this one, while Medebach’s supreme drumming sets solid the  foundation for both of them.

The pace does slow down a little with the magical melodic tones of ‘Broken Dream’, a heavy laden ballad like vibe that still retains that all important Metal vibe provided again by the sterling guitars of Palermo.

It's back to the stomping full on metal with the fantastic ‘New Promise Land’, again it has that Andy Deris/Helloween feel about it, then it’s the blistering force of ‘Napoleon’ that has that Maidenesque epic feel, but with just a touch more bite than The Trooper with Medebach again the powerhouse force behind the track.

After the scorching Metal of ‘Napoleon’ the band bring that old school vibe back into play with ‘Trails Of Fire’ before rounding of the album with the massive METAL force that is ‘Conquerors’.  Not only do we get the full on metal version of this song but we also get the Full Orchestral version, both of which are simply superb and round off what is a truly massive album that will rock you to the bone big style.



  1. Tartarus
  2. Eternal Flight
  3. Turn Back Time
  4. Immortality
  5. Dreamscape
  6. Broken Dream
  7. New Promise Land
  8. Napoleon
  9. Trials Of Fire
 10. Conquerors
 11. Conquerors (Orchestral)


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