Artist: Trendkill
   Title: No Longer Burned
   Label: Regain Records

No Longer Buried is the debut album from Trend Kill and what an impressive first release. The band draw their influences from the likes of Pantera and Machine Head, and are plain to hear throughout the bands songs. That raw metal sound is sure to be met with approval of every metal head that listens to this album.

Opening up with the riff drenched 'Judge Me Now' the band set out their stall early and from here on in its intense metal all the way.

'Dedication' is more of the same with the vocals of Adrian Westin being the stand out feature of the track as he manages to keep the screams to a minimum but keep the raw element to his vocals true throughout the track.

Other tracks of note are the hard-hitting 'Break The Silence' and 'One Step Closer'.

If your into the likes of Slayer at their best and Machine Head at their rawest then you certainly should check out Trend Kill. I'm sure they'll be a force to be reckoned with in the metal world next year. 


   1. Judge me Now
   2. Dedication
   3. Timeless Quality
   4. One step Closer
   5. Headshot
   6. Break The Silence
   7. Walking Dead
   8. From the Beginning
   9. Nothing for Granted


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