Artist: Trick Or Treat 
   Title: TIn Soldiers
   Label: Valery Records

t's not quite Halloween yet but one thing I can tell you for sure is it's Treat Or Treat time!  The band's long overdue second full album is now ready to rock the Power Metal world.  Joining the band for this release are Michele Luppi of Vision Divine fame and none other than Michael Kiske to guest on this release as well.

This release is a great Power Metal album that get's underway with the intro ‘A Night At The Toy Shop’, before the true power is unleashed with the opener proper ‘Paper Dragon’.  An all out double kick attack from Mirko Virdis gets this one underway, with the driven guitars of Luca Cabri raining down like a six string hail storm, whilst the tremendous vocals of Alessandro Conti lift things to even greater heights.

Things continue along a similar path but this time Luppi lends his vocals talents the song ‘Take Your Chances’, a more melodic metal track, still full of sterling guitar licks but a more refined slice of metal.

The full force metal is soon back in full flow with ‘Freedom’.  You can definitely hear those early Helloween influences throughout the album, but without sounding like a copy cat band as this band definitely have a sound of their own.

One track on which the guitar skills of Cabri shine through is on the majestic ‘Hello Moon’.  This is where Kiske shows his melodic vocal talent on what has to be one of my favourite songs off the entire album.

‘Elevator In The Sky’ is another great slice of Power Metal as once again Virdis gets this metal monster underway, then it's time for the guitar to take over on ‘Loser Song’, with more licks than a five-foot ice-cream cone.

Then it's the second of Kiske's appearances, this time with ‘Tears Against Your Smile’, again bringing the pace down with this superb ballad which once again shows what a great Melodic vocalist Kiske really is.

It's back to the full on metal once more with ‘Final Destination’, a great track for all you metal heads you can really get those heads-a-banging on this one, again very Helloweenesque.

The album closes with the two parter ‘Tin Soldiers 1&2’.  Two very different pieces, firstly the instrumental part 1 with its huge bass lines and military drum lines interwoven with some great guitars, then part 2 a great vocal from Conti takes over and dominates this one with such power and dynamics a real power track.  Both of which rounds a great Melodic/Power Metal album and a welcome return from the band.



1. A Night In The Toy Shop
2. Paper Dragon
3. Take Your Chance
4. Freedom
5. Hello Moon
6. Elevator To The Sky
7. Loser Song
8. Tears Against Your Smile
9. Final Destination
10. Tin soldiers pt. 1
11. Tin Soldiers pt.2



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