Artist: Tricky Woo 
   Title: First Blush
   Label: Bad Reputation

Hailing from Montreal this four piece are hot on the heels of bands like Robin Black And The Intergalactic All Stars and Crystal Pistol.  Both of these bands have brought forth their unique Canadian approach to glam rock to the masses over the past couple of years.  And now it seems Tricky Woo are bursting out alongside them to join in this bright new wave of exciting and refreshing glam rock to come out of Canada.

The album opens up in typical glam style with the oddly titled ‘Pink Thunder’ with the duel guitars of vocalist Andrew Dickson and lead guitarist Adrian Popowich spewing out the raucous riffs.

The album continues in similar vain with the title track ‘First Blush’ and the guitar fuelled ‘Lover Don’t Lie’, although it’s the down right sleazy tracks like ‘Rat Feathers’ and the star of the show ‘We Are Vampires’, that really hit the spot for me with this album.

Oh my it's enough to make you want to grab your boyfriend and smear him in make-up.  Oh yes, now this is much more like it.  Hopefully it won't be too long before these boys venture on over here to the UK and give us some of that sparkly love.

If you like me like it a little down and dirty then you won’t go far wrong with this Tricky Woo’s fifth release and their best so far 'First Blush'.  Put on your lippy and dig out that feather boa because the good times are about to roll once more!


  1. Pink Thunder
  2. First Blush
  3. Lover Don't You Lie
  4. Born In The City
  5. Living In The Danger Zone
  6. Rat Feathers
  7. Mistress Of The Mountains
  8. We Are The Vampires
  9. Mechanical Flowers
 10. Dirty Business


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