Artist: Trillium 
   Title: Alloy
   Label: Frontiers Records

Trillium is the latest project to feature the vocal might of Amanda Somerville, an artist who has been taken under the wing of the Metal world, with appearances with the likes of Kamelot, Avantasia, Epica, After Forever as well as the Melodic Rock world with the stunning Kiske Somerville opus along with Michael Kiske.

Although Amanda’s vocal career started off in more gentler music forms it’s her rise in the world of Metal and Melodic Rock that has led to this stunning release 'Alloy'.

The title itself is self explanatory as alloy is a substance composed of two or more metals, or of a metal, or metals, combined with a non-metal, intimately mixed.

The album itself is such a glorious mix of elements, I dare any Metal fan to not find something that they don’t like about this release.

Things get underway with the storming all out Metal of ‘Machine Gun’, a track that sees Amanda give us a taste of what is to come from the album.  Soaring vocals mixed with edgy riffs and a thunderous back beat, and what a chorus, a real belter that powers on through a massive bass line.  One of the best starts to an album this year.  I could put this one on repeat and just let myself get swept away with its power and grace.

But that would make for a rather long review so on we go to the next superb track, the simply stunning ‘Coward’.  A track that takes a different path than the opener, a more symphonic feel to this one.  Still featuring Metal riffs throughout, but on this song Amada delivers one of the most haunting vocals you’ll hear this side of Christmas.  Evanescence can't touch this one, Amy who? ...

The tempo is picked up with the rockier elements mixed with an electro-metal feel for the fantastic ‘Purge’, before another change in direction with the melodic splendour of ‘Utter Descension’.  A track that builds on a gentle vocal before exploding into a symphony of towering keyboard orchestrations.  Very Film Score Metal at its core, but with enough guitar riffs to keep that Metal edge.

But if you want a real taste of Metal guitars then check out the magnificent riff fuelled ‘Bow To The Ego’, with its double kick drums and thumping bass lines.  This is pure alchemy, nobody has mixed this many elements together so perfectly since Merlin.

It's back to the melodic metal with ‘Mistaken’, again a thumping backbeat drives this one ever forward while Amanda delivers the perfect accompanying vocal.

The next track ‘Scream It’ is something rather special indeed, as Amanda duets with Mr Jorn Lande on one of my favourite tracks off the album.  Don’t be surprised if these two don’t pair up in future projects, because this is a match made in Metal heaven, two powerhouse vocalists united in vocal splendour.

It's time to switch down a couple of gears with the excellent ‘Justifiable Casualty’, for what of a better synopsis that can described as a Metal Ballad.

The heavy beats come thumping back with the haunting ‘Path Of Least Resistance’, another track that builds into a crescendo of pure organic power, before mixing a little more electro keyboards into the mix, for the modern metal of ‘Into The Dissonance’.  Another stunning hauntingly rich melody that is matched with another stunning vocal from Amanda.

'Slow It Down' is a pure bred ballad that Amanda delivers with such grace and purity, it has to be heard to be believed.  Then that gentler refrain rounds off the album with ‘Love Is An Illusion’, a little more upbeat tempo on this one, but just a melodic, and a song that rounds off what is in no uncertain terms, a stunning album and one that will once again show that Amanda Somerville is one of the best female vocalist in Rock and Metal today.


1. Machine Gun
2. Coward
3. Purge
4. Utter Descension
5. Bow To The Ego
6. Mistaken
7. Scream It
8. Justifiable Casualty
9. Path Of Least Resistance
10. Into The Dissonance
11. Slow It Down
12. Love Is An Illusion 



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