Artist: Tripswitch
   Title: Deleterious

Are you sick and tired of the constant invasion of 'rock-rap', from US bands that seem to be appearing in the charts more than boy bands? Do you crave something heavier, darker and more aggressive? With new UK 4 piece Tripswitch your dreams have been answered!

They have a sound that mixes the darkness of Coal Chamber (first album) with the heaviness of Machinehead and the aggression and attitude of bands like Stampin Ground.

Hardcore style screamed vocals change into melodic sung verses as the the music batters your senses. The CD starts off with the track 'Straighthead', with drumming that would be at home on any Fear Factory album. This is a great track, relentless and angry, with a hilarious sample credited as from 'Radio URN'.

"1 Hit Infliction" is a bulldozer of a song, again sounding a lot like Fear Factory, the rhythm is fast and unforgiving and the song has a definite techno feel to it, even though it is VERY guitar oriented!

"Tripped", For me this is one of the stand out tracks on the CD. Again the drumming is excellent and the vocals and guitars explode after 2 seconds. Samples are again used to give the song a very original sound, versatile vocals range from throat straining screams to the melodic, on each verse, but never letting up on the power and anger that seems to be engraved into the song.

"Sinus" is very different from the other tunes, with almost rapped vocals, the tunes are still there, and the catchy sounding chorus sticks in your head and refuses to leave. "Locked" again uses the structure of fast rapped vocals with a sung chorus

"Face" is the other stand out track on the CD. This is a crushing monster of a song! Soaring guitars, angry vocals, it just oozes attitude and aggression. It builds up slowly and explodes, quite similar to 'Oddity' by Coal Chamber but with it's own identity. This is a great song!

If you're looking for something original, new and heavy, check this band out. If there's any justice they should join the ranks of the prime UK metal bands like Pulkas, Raging Speedhorn, Stampin' Ground and One Minute Silence.

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