Artist: Tristania
   Title: Ashes
   Label: SPV Records

This is the fourth studio release from Norwegian band Tristania they are a band that's been described in the bands press release as being ... 'unique Norwegian Symphonic / Black / Death Metal / Goth Rockers' ... They sound very much like a band you can't generally categorize. 

This is perhaps because of the complexity of the music that Tristania produce.  Plus the fact that they have three different vocalist, each with a very different vocal style.  The first being Vibeke Stene, the female vocalist who gives the band a mellower gentle sound.  Then there's Kjetil Ingebethsen, who's vocal style can only be described as extreme, and then thirdly we have Osten Bergoy, who provides the middle ground vocally between Vibeke and Kjetil.

This combination of three different vocal style makes for an interesting album and I think this is the main reason even their publicists have difficulty trying to categorize them.  Just as one track comes across as straight down and out gothic metal, the next track is more symphonic metal.  The we have a mixture of the two on all the other tracks, which does indeed make this a very interesting album to listen to.

Although the mixture of sounds may not be to everyone's taste, this certainly doesnít make this a bad album, just different.  If you havenít heard anything by the band before and want to hear something new and challenging then this could be the band for you.


1.  Libre
2.  Equilibrium
3.  The Wretched
4.  Cure
5.  Circus
6.  Shadowman
7.  Endogenisis


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