Artist:  Trixter
   Title: New Audio Machine
   Label: Frontiers Records

Another band to fall foul of the musical changes brought about by Grunge were New Jersey’s finest Trixter, with two album's under their belts the future looked rosy, but musical climates change and Trixter, as with a lot of other bands at the time, simply weren’t fashionable, and after the third album ‘Undercover’, on which they attempted to show their musical diversity with covers of the likes of Nine Inch Nails, AC/DC and Elvis Costello to name but a few, the band decided to called it a day in 1995.

A couple of years passed before the band took the decision to reform with the original line-up in 2007 and with several shows under their belts, together the next stage was a new record.  Fast forward now to 2012 and we find Pete Loran on lead vocals and guitar, Steve Brown on lead guitar, P.J. Farley on bass and Gus Scott on drums, returning with the long awaited fourth album ‘New Audio Machine’.

The album is straight up good time rock n' roll, that is pure Trixter all the way from the opener to the last song.  Things get underway with ‘Drag Me Down’, a bluesy semi-acoustic rocker that really is the spark that ignites the rest of the album.

This tremendous album continues with superb hard rockin’ ‘Get On It’, a track that puts the fun in funky.  This groove filled rocker really know how to rock it up big style.

The big rockers just keep on coming, with one on my favourite tracks off the album, the superb ‘Dirty Love’.  A real sing-along anthem for sure.  As I said the big rockers just keep on coming and another of those is the excellent riff laden ‘Machine’, a real rockers wet dream.

There is a short intermission from the all out rocking, to give Loran the opportunity to show his mellower side, with seminal ballad ‘Live For The Day’, but this is only a short intermission as the hard rocking continues once again with the excellent ‘Ride’, the equally impressive ‘Physical Attraction’, and another of my favourite tracks ‘Tattoos & Misery’.

The mid tempo rocker ‘The Coolest Thing’ mixes things up before another all out rock masterpiece ‘Save Your Soul’.  This is Trixter at their very best.  Big licks and monster choruses.  This excellent album closes with another great hard rock moment ‘Walk With A Stranger’.  It may be eighteen years since the last Trixter album, but its been well worth the wait, as the band return bigger and better than ever before. 


1. Drag Me Down
2. Get On It
3. Dirty Love
4. Machine
5. Live For The Day
6. Ride
7. Physical Attraction
8. Tattoos & Misery
9. The Coolest Thing
10. Save Your Soul
11. Walk With A Stranger 



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