Artist: Twiggs  
   Title: Twiggs
   Label: Wild Kingdom

Twiggs are another Swedish band bringing the psychedelic pop punk sound back to the masses, featuring members of legendary Swedish band the Nomads, Bjorn Froberg and Hans Ostlund, they are joined by an extraordinary vocalist in the form of Caroline af Ugglas, whose voice has been described as mix between Patty Smith and Hazel O’Connor.  Completing the line-up are Jimi Harlevi on drums and Heinz Liljedahl on guitar.

The album opens up with ‘Modern Girls’ and straight away you can see where the reference to Miss O’Connor comes in with a definite pop punk feel to this one including the fuzz guitar sound.

The first single to be taken off the album is ‘Waltzing’ another injection of late 70's pop punk with this one with Ugglas vocals at their warbling best.

The Patty Smith sound is found on probably the best track on the album ‘Black Fly’, a 60's sound brought bang up to date with this track with a more modern guitar sounds.  Other tracks of note are the rockier moments like ‘Virus’ and ‘Keen Of Inbetween’.

The album is another one of those that will fit nicely into those collections which include Juliet And The Licks, The Killers, White Stripes, The Strokes and the like, but it lacks a little something for my taste.  It’s a bit to safe and easy listening for these rock hardened ears of mine.



1. Model Girls
2. Waltzing
3. Black Fly
4. Wake Up Girls
5. On The Other Side
6. Freedom 
7. As Long As You Pay 
8. Virus
9. Keen Of Inbetween
10. On We're Pushing


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