Artist: Twinspirits 
   Title: The Music That Will Heal The World
   Label: Lion Music

'Music That Will Heal The World' is the debut release from a progressive metal band based around a veritable plethora of talent.  Firstly the virtuoso keyboards of Daniele Liverani, the powerhouse vocals of Soren Nico Adamsen, the progressive bass playing of Alberto Rigoni, the pounding drums of Dario Ciccioni and the talents of young guitar prodigy Tommy Ermolli, together they are Twinspirits.

Unlike some Prog Metal releases the band have come up with a very accessible and listenable release full of strength and polish that is a joy to listen to.  The band can bring on the full progressive metal assault but can also bring things down to an almost Pink Floyd serenity, all due to the superb vocals of Adamsen and the uncomplicated styles of Liverani and Ermolli.

The album opens up with ‘Projected’, a heady dose of Prog Metal from the off with all musicians laying down the foundations for the album with some resounding keyboards, drum, bass and guitar which leads nicely into ‘Back To Reality’.  This is where Adamsen really shows his credentials as a Progressive Metal vocal force to be reckoned with.  Some fantastic harmonies all wrapped around the guitars of Ermolli and the quite sublime keyboards of Liverani, these two tracks show the diversity and variation of sounds that the band and album are capable of producing and that's what makes this a very approachable release, not only for Prog Metal fans, but people who know a good thing when they hear it.

The album continues along its progressive path with ‘What You Want’.  This is where the Pink Floyd similarity comes in with this slow builder of a track, with Adamsen showing he can bring it down as well as power his way through a track with the gentle soaring guitar of Ermolli making this one of the best mood inducing tracks on the album, you just have sit back and let its splendour flow over you.

The tempo is picked up once more with ‘Take My Hand’, a track where Liverani and Ermolli make their own as they both show their musical prowess on the opening, before Adamsen takes over the mantle once again with some great vocals, (this voice was ordained to sing Prog Metal) and with the back bone of Rigoni and Ciccioni keep things tight, this has to be one of my favourite tracks off the album.

Things get turned up a notch or two with the pounding metal of ‘Power To Kill’ with the double kick assault of Ciccioni and the thumping bass lines of Rigoni reigning supreme on this one and once again Adamsen shows another string to his vocal bow as he lays down his most aggressive vocal so far.

We enter the more traditional soundings of the prog metal genre with the keyboard enthused ‘Understand’, this track still has that powerhouse rhythm section of Ciccioni and Rigoni working over time and the magical guitar work of Ermolli along with the superb vocals, this is a purists delight.

The band once again expand the boundaries of Prog Metal with the quite magnificent ‘Fire’, this track is more hard rock and prog but this all adds to the majesty of the band as they cross the great divide between genres and this alone makes this particular song the stand out track off the album for me.

After the full on rock of the last track the tempo is brought down a touch with the mellow soundings of ‘It's Just Life’, a truly melodic interface between genres once again with the gentle keyboards and vocals highlighting the changing sound of Prog Metal as we know it.

The album comes to a close with the title track ‘The Music That Will Heal The World’, a real barnstormer of a closing track that starts off with a thumping drum line then with the keyboards entering in to give the track depth, then as the guitars and bass enter the arena the song just builds into a towering Progressive masterpiece with Adamsen’s vocals being the icing on the cake. 

This album is a must buy for those purest of the whole Progressive Metal genre and the lovers of more refined melodic metal, this album will just blow you away.  This debut album marks a whole new direction for Prog Metal and Hard Rock alike, great stuff.


Back To Reality
What You Want
Take My Hand
Power To Kill
It's Just Life
The Music That Will Heal The World


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