Artist: Twisted Sister 
   Title: Still Hungry
   Label: Detonator Records

It's hard to believe that it has it been 20 years since the first incarnation of the landmark album 'Stay Hungry' from Twisted Sister was released.  The year is now 2004 and the band have reformed and the band have toured to promote this reunion, doing a number of festivals around the world. All of which received great reviews from fans and media alike.

When the album was first released back in 1984, the band were under pressure from the record company to release a radio friendly album.  What with the new media of MTV promoting the likes of Motley Crue and other LA based bands, the sound on the album was something the band werenít happy with, and one they thought lacked in depth, but if thatís what the style of the recordings at that time required, then that's what had to be done.

The reformation of the band this year has given them a chance to not only re-record the album, but also produce the album themselves, allowing them to finally create the sound they originally wanted on the album all those years ago.

This time the album has more of an edge to it, with the vocals alone sounding better than the original.  Some might say more of a raw sound, but if youíve ever seen the band play live then you'll realise that this is the way they actually sound and not the dampened down version that appeared on the albums.

Together with the added bonus of 7 extra tracks, some previously unreleased, this is a must not only for all Twisted Sister fans, but for anyone thinking of updating their cd collection.  It's well worth comparing the two albums by playing them back to back and actually hearing the sound the band wanted and the sound the record company wanted.


1.  Stay Hungry
2.  We're not gonna take It
3.  Burn in Hell
4.  Horror Teria
5.  I wanna Rock
6.  The Price
7.  Don't let me Down
8.  The Beast
9.  S.M.F.
10. Never say Never
11. Blastin fast & Loud
12. Come Back
13. Plastic Money
14. You know I Cry
15. Rock N' roll Saviors
16. Heroes are hard to Find


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