Artist: Two Fires 
   Title: Burning Bright
   Label: Frontiers Records

TWO FIRES debut album in 2000 was hailed as one of the Melodic Rock highlights of that year, showcasing the return of two very well known faces in the Melodic Rock world - singer Kevin Chalfant and guitarist Josh Ramos, both from THE STORM, a band which also featured former Journey members Ross Valory, keyboardist Gregg Rolie and drummer Steve Smith. 

The Two Fires concept came about when Frontiers Records President, Serafino Perugino asked Chalfant if he wanted to put together a new band which could fill the hole left in the fans' hearts by Steve Perry's demise from Journey, and he willingly accepted this new challenge in his career.

Chalfant once again set the Two Fires light shining after Serifino intervened once again, this time with a new line-up of musicians that include on lead, rhythm guitars and acoustic guitars - Michael “Ralph” Gardner, on drums & percussions - Timmy Higgins, Jim Widlowski and Shawn Fichter, on second rhythm and acoustic guitars - Alby Odum, the keyboards duties were undertaken by Chuck Giacinto and Bill Cuomo on bass guitar Randy Hatzer with backing vocals being handled by Chalfant, Mike Higgins and Michael “Ralph” Gardner.

So does this new album match up to the debut and will the fans once again hail Chalfant as one of the finest vocalists the genre has produced?

Well fans of Journey will just love this album, Chalfant has never sounded better, the obvious Perry similarities will come thick and fast, but to fans of the genre this isn’t a bad thing for many.

The album is Melodic Rock and nothing else is isn’t trying to bring something new to the genre is as pure a MR album as you’ll hear, the real triumph is that this style of music is still being produced and at a higher quality than it ever has.

With tracks like ‘Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid’, ‘Epic In The Night’, ‘All For One’ and ‘Shattered Without You’ keeping the Journey fans happy, there are a few tracks that stand out from the rest, in particular the title track ‘Burning Bright’, a great up tempo rocker, the excellent ballad ‘Still In Love’, the guitar laden ‘Answer To My Prayers’ and my personal favourite the superb ‘Relentless’.

This album isn't breaking new ground and I don’t think it will bring new fans to the genre, but it will go down well with the diehard fans, so take it as it is, a good Melodic Rock album, an album made by fans of genre for fans of the genre.


1. Is It Any Wonder
2. Lost In The Song
3. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
4. Epic In The Night
5. Shattered Without You
6. Burning Bright
7. Hold On To Your Dream
8. Still In Love
9. Answer To My Prayer
10. Relentless
11. All For One



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