Artist: Tygers Of Pan Tang 
   Title: Animal Instinct x2
   Label: Angel Air Records

I have been a long time fan of the Tygers through the years but over the past few years the band have become one hell of an act. This is mainly due to the supremely talented vocalist Jacapo (Jaco) Meille who has become the bands viagra injecting new life into the band.

There’s a new confidence around the band they have become a rock family each member enjoying being in the band and this is more than evident on this enhanced version of the bands excellent ‘Animal Instinct’.

Not only do you get the original track on the album but five bonus previously unreleased versions of songs including 'Love Potion No.9’, but also a bonus DVD disc from the bands live web cam show in Berlin, also there’s Scrapbook Footage taken at various shows through 07 and 08.

I’ve already mentioned ‘Love Potion No. 9’ (a stonking version, by the way Jaco is just superb), but also a brand new track ‘Don’t Say Rock n' Roll’s Gonna Die’.  A great groove filled rocker that is just superb and if this hints at the quality of what the new material from the band is going to be like, then roll on the next album!  Also included is the superb ‘Raised On Rock’ and the classic ‘Gangland’, both showing how Jaco has raised the band game since his introduction and given these classics the voice they’ve been waiting for all these years.

The band have also included the reworking of ‘Live For The Day’ rewritten as ‘Live For The Bay’, which Whitley Bay FC asked the band to do for their Cup Final appearance at Wembley and which was played over the sound system at the game at half time (by the way Whitley Bay won).

The DVD portion of the album gives you a great insight into the band's live show, although the Berlin show has good cinematography the same can't be said about the others on the Scrapbook Footage shows, but this is only to be expected as the others were shot on camcorders and the like.  One thing you can be sure of is the sound the band produce live, there are no overdubs here, take my word for it the band really are this good live.

If you haven’t got a copy of 'Animal Instinct' then I strongly suggest you purchase 'Animal Instinct X2' because the Tygers may be older and wiser, but they still can give you one hell of a bite.



1. Rock Candy
2.  Cry Sweet Freedom
3.  Live For The Day
4.  Let It Burn
5.  If You See Kay
6.  Hot Blooded
7.  Devils Find A Fool
8.  Winners And Losers
9.  Cruisin'
10. Bury The Hatchet
11. Dark Rider

Bonus Tracks:
12. Don't Say Rock n' Roll's Gonna Die
13. Raised On Rock
14. Love Potion No. 9
15. Gangland
16. Live For The Bay
(Whitley Bay FC Cup Final Anthem)



Live From Berlin Studios.

1. Hellbound
2. Take It.
3. Live For The Day.
4. Raised On Rock
5. Suzi Smiled
6. Rock n' Roll Man.
7. Bury The Hatchet
8. Slave To Freedom
9. Euthanasia
10. Love Potion No.9
11. Gangland

Scrapbook Footage

Live In Europe 2007-2008





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