Artist: Tyketto 
   Title: Dig In Deep
   Label: Frontiers Records

Well, it's about bleedin' time, isn't it!  Eighteen years is a long time to wait for a new album, especially one from one of the 90's fave rock bands, Tyketto.  Thing is, has it been worth the wait?

'Dig In Deep' is exactly what you'd expect from this band, the combination of pounding rockers such as the opener 'Faithless' with its crisp, scratchy riff intro that roams throughout holding the attention to the end, or the beefy 'Sound Off', where the lyrics just have to be listened to by everyone.

Above the dominant guitar and drum fusion, Danny Vaughn speaks for us all regarding commercialism and money today.  Go on my son!!

At the other end of the spectrum, this band's ballads just can't be beat, can they.  'Battle Lines' eases along on a lovely mix of acoustic six strings and harmonies. but one listen to the glorious 'This Is How We Say Goodbye', your heart melts.  The power of the words show there's really no-one better when a heart tugging story is on the way.  A room silencer of top quality that has to be shared.

In between this "ying and yang" there's also the melodic side that Tyketto were and still are most well known for.  'Love To Love' leads the way in its acoustic based, souped up rock style, the thought-provoking 'Evaporate' (every man goes through it!) and its punchy beat, and the jingly-jangly, R.E.M. tinted guitar feel on 'Monday', the song so cool it almost aches! 

'Let This One Slide' and its crowd-pleasing "whoa whoa whoa" intro, along with a pulsating solo that introduces 'The Fight Left In Me', fit the bill effortlessly, though for personal reasons, the song that stands out for me is 'Here's Hoping It Hurts'.  Its a great toe-tapper, but the story behind it makes me wish it was around in 1989, I could have done with it as a parting goodbye message! Oh well ...

I suppose I could always turn to the choppy beating 'Dig In Deep' to counter act that thought.  If you want a kick up the arse, this song is the one for you, make no bones about that one!

When the original band members agreed to make a new album, three conditions were a must.  All have come to fruition as 'Dig In Deep' testifies beyond any doubt, so "YES", it was worth the wait.  All that is left to say is a massive "Well Done" Danny, Brooke, Jimi and Michael for a snorter of an album.  Welcome back, but please don't wait as long next time, eh, I'll be nearly 70 by then!

Review by: Bob Baldwin


1. Faithless
2. Love To Love
3. Here's Hoping It Hurts
4. Battle Lines
5. The Fight Left In Me
6. Evaporate
7. Monday
8. Dig In Deep
9. Sound Off
10. Let This One Slide
11. This Is How We Say Goodbye



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