Artist: Tyla J Pallas 
   Title: The Devil's Supper
   Label: King Outlaw

The legend that is Tyla returns with another unmistakable Tyla release ‘The Devils Supper’, again the Dog D’Amour frontman delivers those earthy raspy vocals amongst an album full of gritty, bluesy, boogie filled rock n' roll.

Those unfamiliar with Tyla and the Dogs might find this album a little hard to swallow, but fans of the man and his band will appreciate the blood, sweat and tears the he puts into everything he’s put his name to and 'The Devils Supper' is no exception.

Opening up with the funky blues of ‘Love Is’, there can be only one man behind the mike delivering more soul in those vocals than is surely legal, the warmth and feeling in every note is just magical.

Things a get a little honky tonk with the excellent ‘Long Shadows’, before the blues comes back in force with the dirty rock of ‘It Ain't Over Yet’ and the smooth tones of ‘Green Eyed Girl’. 

Thing's go into unplugged mode with the semi-acoustic tones of ‘All Alone’, before a little more honky tonk piano and slide guitar courtesy of ‘Judas Christ’, not the man, but the song title.

If the full swagger of the album hasn’t hit you yet, then ‘The Meaning Of Fortune and Fame’ will hit you hard between the eyes.  There is an air of the great Johnny Cash about this one, which will blow you away.

We go down to the Deep South for a little redneck boogie for the excellent ‘Yeah (I Love You Baby)’, before bring back that gritty country style rock in spades with ‘In Another Life’ and ‘That Someone’, before the bluesy tones return with ‘Home’. 

The slide guitar returns for the country inspired blues of the heartfelt tones of ‘Religion’ and the almost folkish ‘The Ballad of Jackie Leven’, complete with Uillean pipes, a tribute to the Scottish songwriter and folk musician and Doll By Doll member, who lost his battle with cancer on the 14th Nov 2011.

The bluesy country slide guitar is dominant of the album closer ‘Wisdom’, I say closer but there is the bonus track to round things off, an acoustic demo of ‘Jesus Christ’ that wraps up a wonderful album that may not be to everyone’s taste, but any fan of the man and his music will just love it, so grab a chair and sit down and take in some of the grittiest blues you’ll hear this side of North London. 

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Love Is
2. Long Shadows
3. It Ain't Over Yet
4. Green Eyed Girl
5. All Alone
6. Judas Christ
7. The Meaning Of Fortune And Fame
8. Yeah (I Love You Baby)
9. In Another Life
10. That Someone
11. Home
12. Religion
13. Ode To Jackie Leven
14. Wisdom
15. Judas Christ (Acoustic demo)



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