Artist: Type O Negative 
   Title: Dead Again
   Label: SPV Records

'Dead Again' is the seventh studio release from New York Goth-Metallers Type O Negative and once again sees Pete Steele and Co. delivering their now trademark dark doom ridden slice of metal fortitude, delving once more into the muddy waters of mans melancholy psyche.

The album opens up with the title track ‘Dead Again’ and the instantly recognisable dulcet tones of Steele’s vocals gets the album off to a great start with this up tempo rocker.

Things continue with the hard hitting ‘Tripping A Blind Man’ with its definite early Sabbath like tones.  The band really go for the Gothic jugular with the down trodden vibes of the eleven minute epic ‘The Profits Of Doom’, a real treat from all fans of dark, moody, bass laden metal.

There is just a short rest bite from heavier tones as on this next track Pete Steele is accompanied only by piano courtesy of Josh Silver, but this is just as I said a short rest bite as the track enters the darkside once more and transforms into another epic track that comes in at around the ten minute mark.

The tempo is picked up with my personal favourite track off the album, the rock infested ‘Halloween In Heaven’.  A track that could easily be from Wednesday 13 as it has that same feel to it.

Although the track that really breaks down the barriers of time and space is the fifteen minute monster and another of my favourites ‘These Three Things’.  Another track with those Sabbath like bass lines, this is doom metal at its most darkest.

The pace is once more picked up with ‘She Burned Me Down’, a more guitar orientated track, and the almost thrash like speed of ‘Some Stupid Tomorrow’, which starts of slowly but soon picks up into a flurry of shredding and finger bleeding speed.

The almost southern boogie tones of ‘An Ode To Locksmiths’ are just something different and really work with the darker elements of the track.

The album closes with ‘Hail And Farewell To Britain’ another dose of lyrical satire courtesy of Steele and rounds off another album that sees Type O Negative return to their glory days of ‘Slow Deep And Hard’.  It is simply a must for all fans of the genre and at just over seventy-seven minutes long, there is something for all on here if you delve deep enough into the darkness.


  1. Dead Again
  2. Tripping A Blind Man
  3. The Profits Of Doom
  4. September Sun
  5. Halloween In Heaven
  6. These Three Things
  7. She Burned Me Down
  8. Some Stupid Tomorrow
  9. An Ode To Locksmiths
 10. Hail And Farewell To Britain


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