Artist:  U.D.O.
   Title: Leatherhead
   Label: AFM Records

As has become the norm from Mr German Metal himself Udo Dirkschneider and his band U.D.O., they're giving us a taste of what’s to come on his new album ‘Rev-Raptor’ with the ‘Leatherhead’ EP, which proceeds that particular album.

U.D.O. the band and Udo the man have become true Heavy Metal legends ever since they shook the world with their debut album ‘Animal House’ back in 1987.  It's right to say that U.D.O. has become bigger than Accept over the years, mainly due to the mighty vocals of the man himself and the bands reluctance to be swayed by the differing rock trends and sticking to their guns.  They've continued to produce Heavy Metal albums that have come to define the genre, with their straight shooting riff spewn rock n' roll.

This EP gets the old metal juices flowing from the off with the title track ‘Leatherhead’, which is as straight shooting a Heavy Metal track as you can get, with Dirkschneider at his mighty best as the twin guitar duo of Kaufmann and Gianola mix it up big style on the six string razors, while the thunderous back beat is delivered courtesy of Fitty Wienhold and Francesco Jovino.  This old school Heavy Metal, real denim and leather stuff.

Up next it’s the anthemic ‘Rock N Roll Soldiers’, again taken from the new album and a song that finds U.D.O. at their very best with a ballsy sing-a-long chorus and majestic guitar work.  Everything a metal fan could want.  It's heads down and horns in the air stuff.

The EP also has two previously unreleased tracks that were only available on the bands 2004 DVD 'Thundervision'.  These are two very different tracks, first up it's ‘Free Or Rebellion’, another great metal anthem that has that raise the horns and salute the metal gods vibe going on.  Then it’s the simply stunning mellow rock of ‘Run’.  This one shows the other side of Dirkschneider’s vocals as he brings it down to almost ballad mode.  A real gem and a real insight into the other side of his vocals.  This song shows the man we normally associate with screaming metal also has a softer side.

The EP also boast two video clips  'Leatherhead' and 'Jingle Balls' (from a cooperation with the 'Evil Disposition' band of EMP mail-order) which round off this taster for the new album, which I know is simply going to blow you all away.


1. Leatherhead
2. Rock N' Roll Soldiers
3. Free Or Rebellion
4. Run!
5. Jingle Balls (video clip)
6. Leatherhead (video clip) 



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