Artist: U.D.O. 
   Title: Dominator
   Label: AFM Records

When it comes to true Metal Gods then the name of Udo Dirkschnieder is right up their with them all.  That unmistakable vocal that powered Accept from their inception in 1972, this mighty atom of a man has taken his band U.D.O. to great heights, not just in his native Germany but Worldwide, with its unrelenting steel fisted Metal.

Now in 2009 the band return with another monstrous slice of purebred Heavy Metal in ‘Dominator’.  If ever there was a solid ball of rock then this is it, from the opener 'The Bogeyman’ this could only be U.D.O.  His hit ‘em hard, hit ‘em fast and pick up the pieces later Metal has stood the test of time and this album will rank as one of their best.

As the titanic metal assault continues with the title track ‘Dominator’, an all out attack on the senses with a twin guitar assault of Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola, together with the powerful rhythm section of Fitty Weinhold on bass and Francesco Jovino on drums.  This is as Metal as you get.

This album takes U.D.O. the band and the man to new heights and will cement them as the force to be reckoned with, not only in Germany but Worldwide, as the balls to the wall metal continues with ‘Black And White’ and the fantastic ‘Infected’ from the EP of the same name.  Then things just get all anthemic with my track of the album ‘Heavy Metal Heaven’.  This is U.D.O. at his very best.  The vocal might of the man is just superb and this track shows why he has taken this band far beyond we all expected.  The man is a living legend in the metal world.

But the man can also bring it down a touch from time to time and with ‘Stillness Of Time’ he does just that.  This one is very much in the Melodic Metal vein almost verging on Power Metal in parts, a real touch of class to be sure.

Another track out of the blue is the funky metal feel of ‘Devil Rendezvous’ which has a real swing feel to this one. Then it's back to the full out Metal to finish with two very different songs, first up ‘Speed Demon’, even the title lends to all out metal riffs and power-driven bass and drums, then the album closes with another more gentle vibe of the excellent ‘Whispers In The Dark’. A track that Iron Maiden could have wrote and one that rounds off what is another classic Heavy Metal album from the mighty atom himself. Let's hope this album sees the band return to these shores for some sort of a tour, even one date would see the masses gather and worship the God of Metal himself.



01. The Bogeyman
02. Dominator
03. Black And White
04. Infected
05. Heavy Metal Heaven
06. Doom Ride
07. Stillness Of Time
08. Devil's Rendezvous
09. Speed Demon
10. Whispers In The Dark




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