Artist:  U.D.O.
   Title: Rev-Raptor
   Label: AFM Records

There are Metal giants and then there are Giants amongst Metal and Udo Dirkschneider is definably the latter.  There is truly a legend in the world of Heavy Metal, just mention the name to any metal fan and they’ll give you the nod of approval.  Their have been many pretenders to the Metal crown but the man from Wuppertal will always come out on top of any poll when it comes to iconic metal frontmen.

U.D.O. the band have become a tight group with the same line-up keeping the consistent power driven metal, not just throughout the three albums in the last five years, but ever since their inception back in 1987 with the 'Animal House' album.  The band have shook the world of metal ever since and with their new album 'Rev-Raptor' there is no holding back, as the U.D.O. Metal machine keeps on rolling.

With this new album there are no fancy intro’s, no sound effect intros, it's straight into the axe wielding riff spewn Heavy Metal that has become synonymous with the name U.D.O..  Right from the opening barrage of the title track ‘Rev-Raptor’, you know this can only be U.D.O. and no other, with Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola just throwing out the titanic metal riffs like six string confetti, while Francesco Jovino beats the living daylights out of the drum kit and Fitty Wienhold punches out a massive massive bass line.  People often try to define heavy metal with specific genres and sub-genres, but if you want to hear the true spirit of Heavy Metal, then listen to any album that features Dirkschneider at the helm.

The album keeps it battering ram metal attack going with the stomping ‘Leatherhead’, with the Metal General himself leading his troops into battle once more, with the twin guitar attack of Kaufmann and Gianola heading the attack, although the full force of U.D.O. is perhaps not fully felt until the rampaging no holds barred slick metal of ‘Renegade’.

But Udo has always been one to show his mellower side from time to time.  Who can forget his duet with Doro on 'Dancing With An Angel'?  This album features a more gentle refrain with ‘I Give As Good As I Get’, a great mid-tempoed rocker that could easily lull the listener into a false sense of security, as the full on metal machine gets back underway with ‘Dr. Death’ and the excellent metal anthem ‘Rock n Roll Soldiers’.  This is old school heads down metal as is should be.  It just makes you want to dust off the old air guitar and throw out a few shapes yourself in front of the bedroom mirror.

Keep that air guitar out as the metal just keeps on coming hard and fast with the razor sharp licks of ‘Terrorvision’, before bringing it down with another old school metaller ‘Underworld’.  The tempo might be a little slower but the power is there as always, as Dirkschneider delivers that unmistakable vocal prowess of his.

The tempo is picked up a touch with the typical U.D.O. style with angst filled metal of ‘Pain Man’, before the melodic metal majesty of ‘Fairy Tales Of Victory’, which has to be my favourite track off the album.  This one has it all, great guitars, a power driven chorus and a mighty back beat.  This has to be one of the finest U.D.O. tracks ever put down on record.

It's back to the meat and bones metal with the full throttle ‘Motor-Borg’, with Kaufmann and Gianola really setting the fret boards alight as they trade riffs off each other with true German precision.

The album continues with another of my favourites off the album the rockin’ ‘True Born Winners’. Another anthemic metaller at its very best.  The album closes not with a whimper but with a bang, with the excellent swaying rocker ‘Days Of Hope And Glory’.  A real touch of the epic metal with this superb closer, which wraps up another stunning album that can showcase the fact that U.D.O. the band and Udo the man are the still the metal force that conquered the world back in 1987 ... and long may it continue!


1. Rev-Raptor
2. Leatherhead
3. Renegade
4. I Give As Good As I Get
5. Dr. Death
6. Rock N' Roll Soldiers
7. Terrorvision
8. Underworld
9. Pain Man
10. Fairy Tale Of Victory
11. Motor-Borg
12. True Born Winners
13. Days Of Hope And Glory



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