Artist: UFO 
   Title: You Are Here
   Label: SPV Records

Gone is Mr. Schenker and in steps Vinnie Moore and with it out goes the chains that seem to have holding down UFO since the superb album ‘Walk On Water’. Also joining Mogg and Way, the return of Paul Raymond and the much under rated Jason Bonham on drums.

‘You Are Here’ is a much return to form for the band whose last two albums ‘The Covenant’ and ‘Sharks’ were definitely not their best works. Let’s hope that the introduction of new blood into the band brings great things to the band. The open track ‘When Daylight Goes To Town’ is Phil Mogg at his best and with the heavy drums of Bonham this is an excellent opener.

‘Black cold Coffee’ has a very bluesy guitar feel, while ‘The Wild One’ is for the hard core UFO fans a kick back to the good old days again. The guitar and drum work on this particular track are nothing less than excellent.

‘Give it Up’ is another great track. ‘Slipping Away’ and ‘The spark that is Us’ slow things down a bit but these give way to one of the best tracks on the album ‘Sympathy’. With some excellent riffs from Vinnie Moore the next track ‘Mr. Freeze’ is the strongest track on the album and is kept afloat by some great drums and guitars.

‘Jello Man’ seems out of place on this album on first listen, but soon grows on you after playing it a couple of times. Thankfully that can’t be said of ‘Baby Blue’. A very listenable track that will have you thinking of someone dear to you after the first chorus.

The final track ‘Swallow’ gives Vinnie Moore a platform to show what he does best and that is to be almost one with his guitar. ‘You Are Here’ gets a definite thumbs up and is a great improvement over the bands last two albums. Let’s hope that this incarnation of the band stays together on the next album as that would be one to really look out for.


   1. When daylight goes to Town
   2. Black cold Coffee
   3. The wild One
   4. Give it Up
   5. Call Me
   6. Slipping Away
   7. The spark that is Us
   8. Sympathy
   9. Mr. Freeze
 10. Jello Man
 11. Baby Blue
 12. Swallow




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