Artist: UFO 
   Title: Seven Deadly
   Label: SPV Records / Steamhammer

When it comes to iconic Hard Rock band's they don’t come any bigger than UFO.  A band that have tread the boards for more years than I dare to mention, as it shows by age, never mind the band's.  But one thing that has remained is the band's constant release of quality albums, and in 2012 the band release what I must say, is one of their finest to date.

The band's legacy over the years is second to none and with frontman Phil Mogg at his very best, along with stalwarts Paul Raymond and Andy Parker, plus veritable new boy Vinnie Moore, the band sound bigger and better than ever before.  They seem to have over recent years gone through a new lease of life, producing monstrous blues infested Hard Rock that can only be UFO.

This new album as I stated, is one of their finest, and I’m not saying that as a huge fan of the band, but as a lover of great Hard Rock.

Things get underway with ‘Fight Night’ and from the off Mogg shows he’s still got a great set of bluesy pipes on him.  There's some quite superb guitars from Moore and Raymond in there too which all goes to show with this opener, the band still have an edge to rival anything in the genre today.

The album continues with the impressive Hard Rocker ‘Wonderland’, again Mogg puts his mark on the song as he always does, but it’s the guitars of Raymond and Moore that really set this one on fire.  This is what UFO is all about, driving licks wrapped around Mogg's great vocal.

That bluesy vibe that has always been a part of UFO is brought the forefront of this new album early with ‘Mojo Town’, again great guitar work, but this time it’s the driving force of Parker on drums that really stand out on this one, along with those delicious big bass lines.

But when the band really bring the tempo down, so does the class of Mogg really shine out and on ‘Angel Station’ he really shows what a great vocalist is.  Many of the young rock vocalists out there should listen to this guy really put his heart and soul into every verse.  There is more emotion in this song than any so call popular music love songs out there right now.

Things return to the classy bluesy rock with ‘Year Of The Gun’, as they reflect on the bands years gone by, as Moore lays down the magic riffs that have seen the revitalisation of the band over recent years.

The vibe is continue into the excellent ‘The Last Stone Rider’ and the equally impressive funk up blues of ‘Steal Yourself’ before bringing the vocals of Mogg to the forefront once more on the stunning rock ballad ‘Burn Your House Down’ one of the many highlights of the album for me.

The big rock blues come with a vengeance with the excellent ‘The Fear’, with the harmonica bringing that little extra bluesy element to the proceedings, before this version of the album closes in emphatic style with the riff fuelled, old school, classic rock of ‘Waving Goodbye’.

It's easy for a band that have been around as long as UFO to rest on their laurels and deliver a "Best of" album every couple of years, but this is not the case for Mogg and Co, because they keep producing great new album after new album, and long may it continue, because the world needs band's like these to show the young guns how it's done, and how it can be done, album after album and if you stick to what you know best, you can still be around 20+ years after your first album!


1. Fight Night
2. Wonderland
3. Mojo Town
4. Angel Station
5. Year Of The Gun
6. The Last Stone Rider
7. Steal Yourself
8. Burn Your House Down
9. The Fear
10. Waving Good Bye



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