Artist: UFO
   Title: The Visitor
   Label: Steamhammer / SPV Records

One of the most iconic Hard Rock band still producing the goods are Derbyshire’s UFO.  Now the band return in 2009 with 'The Visitor', the band's milestone twentieth studio release.

But this milestone is tainted by the news of bassist Pete Way's liver problems and that medication he’s on has prevented him from being part of the production of this latest album and the subsequent tour later this year in support of the album.

But the good news is that this album continues where 'Monkey Puzzle' left off, with its gritty bluesy hard rock that has become a integral part of the UFO sound, and with Phil Mogg still able to deliver the goods, together with Paul Raymond and Andy Parker, and returning to the fold on guitars is Vinnie Moore, who completes the line-up. 

The album gets off to a great start with ‘Saving Me’ with that familiar bluesy intro getting things underway before Mogg’s unmistakable vocals come in, showing no sign of diminishing as twenty albums later he still has it. But it's the guitars of Moore that really shine out on this track and throughout the entire album for that matter.  Mr Moore once again proves he's got what it takes to more than fill the Schenker shoes, as he has shown throughout his UFO career.

The bluesy vibe is never more present than on the funk/blues of ‘On The Waterfront’, a real summertime classic here, easy listening rock at it’s finest with Moore once again shining bright.

But don’t you worry if this sounds like it's turning out to be a little softer than normal, there are a few great rockier moments and the first of these comes in the form of ‘Hell Driver’, a real touch of old school UFO here.  The harder rock doesn’t stop there as the band continue on with the excellent ‘Stop Breaking Down’, although we soon return to those edgy blues sounds with ‘Rock Ready’, which has to be one of the best UFO tracks I’ve heard in a long time, slide guitars and all.

Things do slow down considerably with the almost ballad tones of ‘Living Proof’, a really moody slice of blues driven rock.  One of my favourite tracks on the album has to be this next song ‘Can’t Buy A Thrill’, yet another of those great guitar laden hard rockers that the band are legendary for creating.

'Forsaken' is another great mellow rock ballad on which Mogg really shines and is his best vocal performance on the album for sure.  Then it's time to get funky with ‘Villains & Thieves’ before the album rounds off in true UFO style with ‘Stranger In Town’, another slice of classic styled Mogg which rounds off what is a great UFO album, not a classic by any means, but one that the die hard fans will love as it ticks all the right boxes for a UFO album and you can’t ask for any more than that if you're a fan.



1. Saving Me
2. On The Waterfront
3. Hell Driver
4. Stop Breaking Down
5. Rock Ready
6. Living Proof
7. Can't Buy A Thrill
8. Forsaken
9. Villains & Thieves
10. Stranger In Town 




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