Artist: Unchained 
   Title: Unchained
   Label: Sound Riot Records

Swedish quartet Unchained are another quality melodic metal band to be signed by Sound Riot Records.  With this their debut release they have put together an album crammed full of high quality tracks that should get them the publicity that this album deserves.

'Unchained' the album see the toils of six months in the studio finally bearing fruit.  The opening track 'My Guide’ starts of with an almost Maidenist guitar riff that quickly opens up into a blitz on the senses with the vocals of Per Karlsson ripping through the track, supported by the guitars of David Blome and Peter Ericsson.

The second track 'The Analyst’, continues where the first ended and the two flow well into each other.  As do most of the tracks on this album.  However, this does not mean they are all the same, quite the opposite, there is more than enough diversity between each track that it keeps the listener interested.

One of the more notable tracks on the album is ‘Dream’.  Not only is it one of the more melodic tracks on the album, but it also stands out because of the added guest vocals of Mattias Osbeck.  Mattias also carries out the guest vocals on a total of three tracks on the album.

’Ordinary Sinner’ is very Iron Maiden influenced in its concept with the vocal styles being very reminiscent of Bruce Dickenson in parts.  But the similarities end there with the monstrous drums and the ripping guitar riffs.

The early Iron Maiden influences are once again plentiful on ‘The Great Witch Hunt’.  My favourite track has to be Seventh Sin’ which has to be played in full to fully appreciate the splendour of the track.

To say I was impressed by this album would be an understatement.  Let's hope the next album is as good as this one.


   1. My Guide
   2. The Analyst
   3. Ghost of the alchemic Hall
   4. Theater of Fear
   5. I Dream
   6. Ordinary Sinner
   7. Like the Candle
   8. The great witch Hunt
   9. Seventh Sin




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