Artist: Union Mac  
   Title: Lost In Attraction
   Label: Escape Music

Originally working together for the Mixtur production group, Swedes Kristoffer Lagerstrom and Mikael Klevengard found a mutual admiration for the eighties rock sound and starting writing songs with that era in mind just for the fun of it, but one thing led to another and before they knew it an album was born.

The pair takes their influences from the likes of Europe, Saga and Whitesnake and all ports in-between, the resulting collaboration is the very fine Melodic Rock album ‘Lost in Attraction’.

Although the pair are Swedish, this album is more in line with the American artists of the eighties with it's very AOR sound, but perhaps with that more modern bite to it.

The album opens up with ‘Bring Me In’, a real piece of Melodic Hard Rock heaven with the vocals of Lagerstrom lending themselves superbly to the whole Melodic genre with a sort of Perry/Tempest mix.

The album continues with a similar vibe with the hard rocking ‘A Live’, this time bringing in more keyboards into the mix while still retaining that 80’s feel to the overall sound.  But it’s the title track ‘Lost In Attraction’ that really steps away from that 80’s vibe and brings the whole genre slap bang up to date.

This same modern rock approach can be found on the excellent ‘I Am’, this up-tempo rocker is just superb and a credit to the pairs song-writing abilities and goes down as one of my favourite tracks off the album.

The album is full of great songs and is just what the whole AOR/Melodic Rock genre has been crying out for for years.  Well crafted songs with great choruses and some quite lavishly done musical interludes.  This a constant factor throughout the entire album, as the album continues to impress with the likes of the majestic ‘Fake’ and ‘Left To Need’.  However, stand out tracks on the album have to go to the outstanding ‘I Can't Believe’, a track where the guitar work of Klevengard really shines, and the haunting melodies of ‘Marias Grace’, both of which just have to be heard to be believed.

The album also shows the pair have a soft spot for the power ballad as they pull out all the stops with ‘Fading’, while they can rock with best of them with the excellent ‘Pain’, the more guitar fuelled ‘Make Pretend’ and ‘Outside’.

The album comes to a close with the dark bass ridden tones of ‘The Wale’, a real step away from the rest of the album as once again the show another string to their bow with this power driven instrumental, which closes this quite superb debut.

It’s a rare to find an album these days that hasn’t a bad track on it, but Union Mac have one of the rarities and it's plain to anyone listening to the album that both Mikael and Kristoffer have put a lot of work into the album.  Both have been very careful with the song selection and they've mixed the more rockier tracks with the ballads to show the world their full potential as both songwriters and musicians.  They may have been influenced by some of the biggest names in 80’s rock, but this album is definitely their own piece of Melodic/AOR heaven and will surely get the pair notoriety in 2007. 


1. Bring Me In
2. A Live
3. Lost In Attraction
4. I Am
5. Fake 
6. Left To Need
7. I Can't Believe 
8. Marias Grace
9. Fading 
10. Pain
11. Make Pretend
12. Outside
13. The Wale




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