Artist: Unleashed 
   Title: Midvinteblot
   Label: SPV Records

Midvinterblot is the 8th full-length studio release from Swedish death metallers Unleashed and the first on SPV. The band continues their assault on the world with their unrelenting ferocity and intense tunes of bygone heathen days when the Viking hoards ruled the Northern seas.

The album isn’t your typical death metal album.  Sure this album has the aggression typical of the genre, but it also has substance and variation on the death metal theme, with some soaring guitar riffs and some pretty intense kick drum action, as well as some bone crushing bass lines.

The album opens up with ‘Blood And Lies’ and from the off the mind set of the band is laid down for all to gasp in awe at the intensity and majesty of this release.

The intensity grows from track to track as the album continues with ‘This Is Our World Now’ and ‘We Must Join With Him’, before the onslaught of the title track ‘Midvinterblot’.  A heavy bass ridden track that warrants the listener to raise the horns in salute of Odin with lines like "... Death Metal No Compromise".

‘In Victory Or Defeat’ is a track that will appeal to the die-hard death metal fans with its pace and grandiose guitar riffs.  The same can be said about ‘The Avenger’, another song than pays homage to the mighty Odin, God of war.

The album never breaks from its intense power and ferocity as tracks like ‘Salvation of Mankind’ and ‘Psycho Killer’ are unleashed with the pulse driven bass tones on ‘The Witch’ and the speed fest that is ‘I Have Sworn Allegiance’, this album has it all in bucket-fulls.

The album forges the point that Unleashed reign high in the anecdotes of time as one of the finest death metal bands around.

I’ve had my share of death metal releases sent over the past year and this has to be one of the most accessible I’ve heard.



1. Blood of Lies
2. This is our world Now
3. We must join with Him
4. Midvinterblot
5. In victory or Defeat
6. Truimph or Genocide 
7. The Avenger 
8. Salvation for Mankind
9. Psycho Killer
10. The Witch
11. I have sworn Allegiance
12. Age of the Warrior 
13. New dawn Rising
14. Loyalty and Pride
15. Valhalla Awaits




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