Artist: Uriah Heep
   Title: Celebration - 40 Years Of Rock
   Label: earMUSIC

There are without a doubt a few bands that are worthy of the Classic Rock Legend status and one band that definitely fits the criteria are Uriah Heep, a band that has been around for forty years and still are still rocking hard.

What better way to celebrate this milestone that with a "greatest hits" CD, but instead of just spewing out the hits, the band have re-recorded their classic Hard Rockers and put them together with two brand new tracks.

Although the band have seen some twenty personnel changes over those forty years, guitarist Mick Box has always kept the flag flying as the remaining original member, together with bassist Trevor Bolder the second longest member.  The past twenty years have seen Bernie Shaw at the mike, with Phil Lanzon on keyboards, and with new drummer Russell Gilbrook in the band now, the band don’t have any plans to hang up their guns just yet.

Back to the album, all the fan favourites are here including ‘Bird Of Prey’, ‘The Wizard’ and my favourite Heep songs ‘Free And Easy’, ‘Easy Living' and what Heep "best of" would be complete without ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Lady In Black’.  These classic songs are just as good as you remembered them and the new recordings do that classic sound justice and breath new life into them. 

What about the new songs I hear you say?  Are they worthy of the Uriah Heep name?  Well you better believe they are, the opener ‘Only Human’ is a pure gold Heep with Shaw in fine voice and Box his usual six string demon.  'Corridors Of Madness’ is more of the same.  These are just two great new tracks that show you can't keep an old dog down, and with the album coming out in various formats, including a special CD/DVD package with the bands live show at this year's Sweden Rocks Festival, this all goes to make this an even more "must have" album, both for fans and newbees alike.


01. Only Human (new song)
02. Bird Of Prey
03. Sunrise
04. Stealin'
05. Corridors Of Madness (new song)
06. Between Two Worlds
07. The Wizard
08. Free Me
09. Free And Easy  
10. Gypsy
11. Look At Yourself
12. July Morning
13. Easy Living
14. Lady In Black




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