Artist: Weapon UK 
   Title: Rising From The Ashes
   Label: Independent Release

'Rising from the Ashes' is the apty title new album for British Hard Rockers Weapon UK, some 34 years in the making, this seems as apt a title as any.  Danny Hynes, PJ Phillips, Jeff Summers and Ian Sweeting bring back Weapon UK with an all out Hard Rock arsenal of 10 riff filled songs that fill the gap left by the NWOBHM, this is the New Age Of British Heavy Metal.

Things get underway proper after the intro ’Predlude – The Awakening' with ’Ride the Mariah’, a real dose of heavy bass and drums set out the bands mission from the off.  This is no tribute album to a by-gone era, this is a modern hard rock track from the seasoned veteran rockers.  Hynes vocals are perfect foil for this style of Hard Rock and Summers shows he hasn't lost any of his guitar savvy as he throws out the licks on this one, as he continues to do so on the up tempo rocker ’Fountain Of Paradise’ and the UFOesque bluesy rock of ’Warrior’.

The tempo is picked back up big style with the harder edged melody rich ’Ready 4 U’, which is definitely one of my favourites tracks off the album, again Summers guitar work is excellent, alongside Hynes who really pushes himself on this one.

The show a heavier side with the stonking thunderous rhythms of 'Burning Skies’ as Sweating and PJ Phillips bring the heat on drums and bass respectively, before the tempo is brought down with the haunting tones of ’Alamein’.  Then it's straight on the gas once more with the funk filled ’Wonderland’.

The drums of Sweating open up another slice of pure hard rock in the excellent anthemic ‘Blood Soaked Rock’ and the riff fuelled ‘Bad Reputation’, before the album closes as it opened, on a high, with the party rocker ‘Celebration Time’.

The album does feature a bonus track in ‘Killer Instinct’, which features Weapon’s original members Baz Downes on bass and vocals and Bruce Bisland on drums and vocals.  This is a fitting end to an album that marks the return of Weapon UK.  It may have been 34 years in the making, but it was well worth the wait.  If you like your rock old school with a bite then check out 'Rising From The Ashes', because these four guys shoot from the hip.  

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Prelude - The Awakening 
2. Ride The Mariah
3. Fountain Of Paradise
4. Warrior
5. Ready 4 U
6. Burning Skies
7. Alamein
8. Wonderland
9. Blood Soaked Rock
10. Bad Reputation
11. Celebration Time
12. Killer Instinct



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