Artist:  Automatic

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle  

Date: 8 December 2000  

If you ever get the chance to see these guys in action then by all means go!!!

Once again they played to yet another packed out bar. It must have been about 9.50 pm by the time they finally hit the stage, a little later than the advertised 9.30 slot, but who cares.

Once on stage they were all systems go right from the start. The crowd included many of their fans who have followed their progress faithfully, and why not when they give you such a good time. It's rare these days that you get to see a band that give so much in their gigs for free, but this is one that always delivers as promised.

The songs are musically tight and the chorus's addictive. The only complaints are that they never take the time to introduce themselves to the crowd and they never seem to have any cd's or tapes on sale, such a shame as they would sell like hot cakes.

Automatic are a feel good band, you go to enjoy yourself and that's just what you end up doing. Even the band members look like they are having a party by just being on stage. Will they progress past the bar gigs and get any further? Do they want to make it to the big time or are they just having a hell of a lot of fun playing those tunes we love so much?

Who knows, but ones things for sure, with songs that catchy it would be a shame to let them go to waste and not let the public at large in on this little gem of a band.

Come on lads do us proud and let us all share in on your music.

1. New Gods, 2. The Fly, 3. Blissful, 4. Corners, 5. Bridges, 6. Another Day, 7. Stupid Car, 8. Red Eyes On, 9. Syco, 10. Mrs Jones, 11. The Real Me, 12. Get Real Again.

Anyone wanting to find out more about the band can contact them at :-


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