Artist: Blaze Bailey

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle Upon Tyne

20 December 2000

A poor performance from the support band Area 54 who were either having an off night or were just plain bad.

Guitarist Lakis Kyriacou was the bands only saving grace and is an extremely accomplished guitarist indeed. She should think seriously about dumping the rest of the band and finding people who are as talented as she is to perform in public with.

Although the two other guitarists were good, the band was badly let down in my opinion by the lead singer who didn't seem to have the power to back the songs. The drummer was equally as bad and would be better employed in a social club band playing covers. I'm sorry but this guy really sounded so bland it killed them off totally for me.

Blaze Bailey and band played to a very poor turn out, especially considering the entry charge was a mere 5. Taking up most of the available space for the drum kit and backdrop, the band started off the set with ' The Launch', a blistering assault on the senses.

Taken from the bands debut album 'Silicon Messiah'. Blaze has certainly learned a lot from his stint as Iron Maiden frontman. He knows how to whip up a crowd no matter how big or small. The last time the band played Trillians was as a warm up gig to a German Rock Festival and they thanked their fans for setting them up.

The band itself contains Jeff Singer drums, Steve Ray on lead guitar, and John Slater on Bass. The set itself was a tight mix of tracks from the new album and also a few that brought back memories from both his Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane days.

The crowd might have been small in number and largely young males, but that didn't stop Blaze from giving them all a show to remember. As the fans crowded around the front of the stage heads were duly bowed and shaken for all their worth.

A good performance that was worth a lot more than you would expect from such a cheap night out. The band even took the time out to wish Jaz the guitar tech a happy birthday - bless.

Setlist included: The Launch, Ghost in the Machine, Evolution, Silicon Messiah, Kathy, Identity, Como, The Brave, Two Worlds, Stare at the Sun, Steel, Born as a Stranger, Man on the Edge, Manhunt


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