Artist:  Bubble

Venue: Rios, Bradford  

Date: 16 December 2000  

Whereas The Studio had been a much more sedate crowd, the crowd at The Rio were totally mad and gave the band the adulation they deserve. You couldn't help but notice the difference in the bands mood change at the second gig, whereas they had been fun and played well at Hartlepool, the crowd were less responsive than they should have been. However at The Rio the night just seemed to be one huge party with both the fans shouting out for more and more from the band, and the band carrying on until they had practically run out of songs.

It must have made all the difference to have played to a crowd who were really digging the music and wanted the night to never end. You could feel the connection with the band at The Rio, the crowd were really up there for it.

As well as the fantastic lead singer Share we had her other half Bam pounding on the drums. Wild and crazed he plays like an animal, sat low behind the drums it was hard to see him but you most definitely could hear him.

They really have to find a way of getting an invisible drum kit so we can actually see that there is someone behind the kit other than a slither of hair and a blur of arms playing behind them.

A thoroughly likeable character who is easy to get along with, and who mingled easily with the crowd at The Studio gig both before and after the gig. You couldn't help but get the impression that he was having as much fun touring and meeting the fans as they were going to the gigs and meeting him.

Dino Everett on bass guitar really does have the stance and stage presence of a real mean rocker. With his short hair and guitar slung low he looked full of attitude and not soft like the others in the band. Off stage a rather quiet character who mingled largely unnoticed amongst the crowd at The Rio. If you can remember a time when guitarists used to swagger across the stage like they were ready to take on the world and no one was going to stop them then this is how Dino appears on stage. Not only is he a great guitarist but he also knows how to play the crowd. What a nice chap and how refreshing to find he wasn't at all full of his own self importance like so many other artists you find in rock bands these days.

Lastly we have Brent Muscat, the man with the looks to break a thousand hearts. Well it had to be said that he was extremely popular with the young females in the crowds at both gigs. I'm sure he must take some youth pills or something as he doesn't look to have aged at all since his Faster Pussycat days.

Adorable, cute and totally huggable in his fluffy jumpers and little hats is the only way to describe him both on and off stage. He is an excellent guitarist but the thing that most of the fans will remember about him is that he has the looks of a teen mag pin-up.

What else can I say except both gigs were brilliant, the sound at both was amazing, the band came and gave us more than we could have ever hoped for. In return they now have a legion of dedicated fans ready for the new material and the next round of UK gigs.

Next tour around I predict a lot more people at all of their gigs. The word of Bubble has spread and those that didn't make the gigs this time around for one reason or another will not risk missing the band the next time around.

A huge thanks to all the band for such great gigs and for taking the time to meet the fans afterwards. I'm sure I won't be alone in saying that we all love ya and we can't wait to see you all again!


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