Artist:  Fur Circus

Venue: |Newcastle University, Newcastle 

Date:  11 October 2000 

After a much delayed start due to the other support band not turning up and then a last minute sound check, Fur Circus hit the stage opening with the fans favourite of 'Sweet Jesus'.

They continued through a tight set of sleaze punk that included the new single 'Shining like Stars'. For a band little over 2 years old they do an impressive job.

Their fans are growing in number with each gig, although mainly in the teen bracket. Headed by the demure Richard McLean and his powerful vocals the band are determined to make their mark on the crowd.

They have a hard task as the support of Rachel Stamp, as it is them and them alone the crowd want to see. However after the first few songs the crowd warm to them and by the end of the set there are quite a lot of Fur Circus t-shirts to be seen in the hall.

Other members of the band include the very talented Tom Answer who helps keep the songs together with his guitar playing. He also takes up the position of backing vocals.

We then have Lee Smith on bass who is the newest member of the band, although to hear him play you wouldn't realise it.

Finally we get to David Wilke the drummer, who unfortunately was hidden from view for most of the set. Not only did he pound the skins but he also helped out with backing vocals as well.

Rarely do we see such youth with such talent on support slot. If they keep this up they will soon be the headliners.

Setlist included: Sweet Jesus, Rock my Top, Halloween Jack, Dance Bitch, Lifetime Away, Shining like Stars, Falling into You, Once Again


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