Artist:  The Levellers 

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle 

Date: 12 December 2000  

It doesn't seem that long ago since The Levellers were playing up here the last time, not that that makes any difference. Not all that many bands can fill Stage One to full capacity during the week but these guys have managed to almost do it.

Where at one time the average Leveller fan would look like a traveller and smoke dope throughout the whole gig, thus missing most of the good bits by taking a trip to another planet, these days the fans are more mellow. They still know a good tune when they hear one and that's what make The Levellers so popular.

It's ten years since they released their first album 'Weapon called the Word'. They have in fact 15 albums out in total if you include the one available to fan club members as well.

Who would have thought it all those years ago that this band who appealed more to the outcasts of society as opposed to the mass market would come on so much. With both Gold and Platinum albums to their name as well as a UK no.1 album, how they have gone forth and conquered.

There's no doubting the pride they take in their music and the songs are always of the highest quality. The fans know that every gig will be a huge success as the band put their all into each and every performance.

I have seen The Levellers on many occasions and at many venues over the years and I have to admit to never seeing them perform badly at any of them. Tonight's gig was no exception. Mark's voice carries the songs so well, but it is Jon on the violin who really gets the crowds leaping frantically about in time to the music.

You need to wear steel capped boots when you go to one of their gigs though because when songs such as 'Far From Home' and 'The River Flow' start up the crowd become 2 foot taller and rarely do their feet stay on the ground for long. One huge surge as they dance a demented jig to the maddening tune.

Like a crazed Pied Piper the band take us on a journey with them through tales of folk and places. As far as folk rock goes The Levellers will always be up there among the heroes and legends.

Setlist included: Far From Home, This Garden, Beautiful Day, The Game, Another Mans Cause, The River Flow


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