Artist:  Mushtaq 

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle

Date:  12 December 2000 

When the band hit the stage it was easy to mistake them for something they weren't, they looked every inch a rap band and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought, oh no, not another bloody rap band. However looks can be deceiving and this was definitely a case of mistaken identity.

Yeah sure there was loads of them, and yes the two main performers did look like they were about to wave their fists in the air and shout 'Yo Yo!' at the crowd, but they didn't. Instead they gave us a performance which stunned us into silence for most of the set. The only time the crowd made a sound was in between the songs to cheer them on.

The sound was good, the songs were very tastefully done, very catchy and straddled the path between rock and pop comfortably.

Depending on how you like your music, if you want something soulful and easy on the ear then this is the band for you. They are not wimp rockers by any means, not AOR type stuff, but they are very laid back and the music sings to your soul.

Setlist: The Good, The Bad, Freedom Song, That Feeling, The Rose, Ordinary People, Till The Morning, Medicine Man


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