Artist:  Nutrajet

Venue: The Studio, Hartlepool

Date: 13 December 2000  

NutraPlecs You might have noticed that we are indeed reviewing two gigs by this band, quite unusual even for us to attend more than one gig in any tour. The reason for this is simply that when a band is this good, you really gotta go check them out again to see if the first time was simply a fluke.

Two very different venues, two very different crowds. The studio was quite a small but tasteful setting for the first gig we attended by the band.

The weather was cold, the night was miserable and it was a Wednesday night, so all things considered we weren't in that good a mood. The band we had really gone to see where the headliners Bubble, who we have been quite fond of since the release of their debut album earlier this year. Before the support band came on stage we got talking to Bam the drummer from Bubble who told us that the support were amazing and as soon as he heard their CD he just knew he had to have them as the support band.

He was very enthusiastic about them and said ... 'If you haven't got the CD already, you really gotta get it .... these guys are unbelievable'. Strange thing coming from the main band, them plugging the other bands material and not their own. So we waited in anticipation to see who or what would appear on stage to wow us.

When Nutrajet first came on we looked around for the rest of them, here before us we had two chaps, on sitting behind the drums, the other with a guitar in his hands standing at the front of the stage next to the mic. Had the others not turned up we wondered. But no this was the band, there was only supposed to be two of them. Oh well, they are only the support we thought.

What happened after that was a truly amazing thing indeed. These two musicians not only played well, they played like they were possessed and sounded not like a band of two but more like a band of seven musicians! We checked to see if they were miming as they couldn't possibly manage to create this sound between just two people, but they did.

Although a rather poor turnout at The Studio for them to perform to, they transformed the room into an arena full of roaring fans. It's surprising how much noise a few people can make when they are having such a good time, no the wonder my ears were still ringing the next day.

So back to the band, we had a chap called Greg Reinel on the lead vocals, who also took on the role of guitarist. Then we had Jeff Wood as drummer and backing vocalist. Greg is not only a very talented vocalist but also a guitar hero if ever there was one. He sang as if his very life depended on it, no one could have given us more than he did that night.

Behind him sat behind the drums stacked high we saw a blur as Jeff beat the skins at such a pace I thought he must have been Cosy Powell's love child. Never have we seen two people create such a whirl of excitement like this before. Needless to say the CD was obtained before the night was out and bloody marvellous it is too! Bam wasn't kidding when he said you really gotta get it!

How can two chaps from Florida come over here and make such an impact and yet be virtually unheard of in the UK before this tour? Are all these rock magazines on bribes? Why haven't they been plastered all over the front covers? If you like good rock music you are going to love these, they make a refreshing change to all the rubbish that has been spewed out by the record company's lately.

Once you've had a fix from Nutrajet you come out with a high that will last you more than a few hours. It was because of this high that we decided to follow them down to Bradford a few days later to see if that one night was just a lucky one off, or where they really that good? After all the drink had been cheap at Hartlepool so you can never be too sure.

Setlist: You Little Disgrace, Terminally Yours, Celebrity Fist, Alternative Nation, Vicious Intent, December Drowning, Deleted, Understanding (Small Faces cover), No More You, Whip The Big Boy Out


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